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Shark Tank India: A New Era For Indian Entrepreneurship

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by Diya Barmecha

Each family has their designated activity, in order to  spend quality time with each other. For my family, it was the time we shared while watching television together. However, up until recent times we used to only be engrossed in movies. This quickly changed when the new show, Shark Tank India was released. As a child, I often watched the American Shark Tank with my father, where I saw amazing and innovative products. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, there was a lack of understanding of the market and a cultural difference from the products I used, to the products being sold and to the market they were selling to. Hence, ever since the first episode of Shark Tank India, our family has been hooked. With the judges being candid, entertaining and aggressive, the show is a mix of learning and fun. 

Each shark in the panel has their own strengths, in the business sense but also to the entertainment aspect they bring. Aman Gupta, the CEO of Boat and a fan favorite is famous for his Bollywood references as well as his melodramatic sense of humor. On the other hand, women on the panel are the diplomatic yet assertive Namita Thapper, CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Vineeta Singh, CEO of Sugar Cosmetics and Ghazal Alagh, the CEO of MamaEarth. On the panel are also present the kind Anumpam Mehra, CEO of and Ashneer Grover, CEO of BharatPe and also the one who unforgivingly tells the brutal truth. With this mix of varied personalities, there are many debates with deals that want to happen. Unlike other versions of the shark tank, in the Indian franchise, the sharks tend to do deals as partners or as a group which shows the interest and the expected success of the product. 

These sharks allow for debate, discussion and even jokes. They fight with and amongst each other to make sure they  are part of the final deal. Each of the shark’s joke around with each other’s credibility to gain an upper hand for the deal. However, the pitchers who come in know each of their abilities and their credentials.  

In addition to the overall entertainment of the show, which canbefound on the Sony Liv App as well as the Sony channel, it  is promoting entrepreneurial interests in another way as well. It is catering to the majority Indian audience who do not know many things about business with “Shark lessons of the day” which aim to explain a term or concept about business and marketing to the audience. If they use a term or concept during the deal which is not used before, they also break the fourth wall to look directly into the camera to explain this concept in the middle of the deal for the benefit of the audience. 

However, regardless of all this, much like every other Indian TV show there are many parts of this that are staged. Although we can never be too sure of what is real and what is put there to increase entertainment and viewership, it is important to remember that these things are done to grip the audience in. For every show there are always scripted scenes and always things that are exaggerated to create effect. We can call them out on this and even not watch the shows for this reason. However, personally I feel that watching a show like Shark Tank, you have to understand that you are not watching it for their factual accuracy or to become “smart” about business, you are watching it for the simple pleasure of watching companies grow with recognition, reliability factor and the entertainment you gain from watching the debates and the products itself sometimes. 

Building up on this, in a recent interview with two of the sharks with the comedian, Rohan Joshi, they mentioned that some of the pitchers had even fabricated and exaggerated their sales as well as their claims since they would be coming on television. However, after this there was fact checking done as well as the showing of documents from which the deal passed finally or didn’t. Even if the story and pitches are fabricated, the deals made are not. 

On a much lighter note, the types of products that come are very varied. Similar to the other Shark Tanks most of the pitches are for food and technology related products. The sense of connection and rooting for the pitcher rises when you know the company beforehand. I knew a varied mix of companies before their shark tank debut. This platform allows viewers  to watch how and to what extent they grow as a company. From Shark Tank, they get publicity and more buyers. Our family has been a few of these buyers, wanting to try out a few products that came on the show. On the show along with products that make us proud of the new Indian entrepreneurial age, there are also some that are in some sense just “entertaining”. Not to spoil the entire show for you I would encourage people to watch it for the overall rounded entertainment and the tiny sense of business knowledge you gain. 

While looking at the show from a technical perspective there are many things that should and can change. Firstly is the lighting. The lighting in the studio is too bright and highlighting of features makes the face seem very bright. With a much subtler lighting, it would be easier on the eyes. Additionally, the Sharks wear the same clothes for a long time so that the editors can mix and match pitches for each episode due to their length and deals. However, this allows the audience to become tired of watching the same clothes. However, even if the clothes can not change, a change in the color and type of clothing can be done. In these episodes, everyone has worn clothes to make them stand out. However, this has enabled the clothes to become tacky in a sense. Contrastingly, American Shark Tank has all the Sharks wear the same clothes for various episodes but they are always wearing subtle clothes and a similar theme so it looks nice in the long run. 
On the whole, in India there has always been a perception that Indian parents are not supportive of children’s entrepreneurial pursuits. However, this show has brought the struggles of entrepreneuring onto television where Indian parents get most influenced by. Shark Tank india is becoming one of those shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) where parents are asking the children to come and watch with them. In conclusion, personally I love and would encourage everyone to watch this show or give it a try with a few episodes. Even with its faults, I am awaiting a new and improved season 2.

The Celebrity Tea – November Edition

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By Aryana Ahuja

This month our favorite celebrities have celebrated many birthdays! From the Jenners to Bill Nye, the list is below. With new songs out and brand new couples, November has been a month to remember. 


The unfortunate death of a favorite artist occured in December of 2019, but recently his new song ‘Already Dead’ was released by his team and is one of the top this month! 

This amazing song talks about his feelings and emotions put into an almost ‘relatable’ piece of music. Jarad Anthony Higgins (JUICE WRLD) had released many songs before his death and is a popular artist among many young adults. December 2nd 1998, was Juice WRLD’s birthday, exactly 21 years and 6 days after this day, his death occurred. Jarad finds rapping to be a world of trash sometimes and asks him mom, “You think I could be a FedEx worker, mom?” Being in the music industry can be hard, but making people happy with his songs is what kept him going. May he Rest In Peace and let his team continue to release his fantastic music. 

Kendall Jenner turns 26 & Kris turns 66!!

Kendall’s birthday was on November 3rd and her mom was on the 5th. Kendall’s birthday was small and enclosed with her close friends and family sharing a dinner. She kept the dinner low-key and invited Hailey Beiber as well, the two are quite close.

On the other hand, Kris had a full-blown Karaoke night with the gang, however, Kylie went to the Astroworld concert! Stormi and Kylie left uninjured and safe but at the concert 8 people were killed and more than hundreds injured. On a better note, both Jenners enjoyed their parties and spending time catching up with those they love most. Wishing them both a very happy birthday!

Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been dating each other since 2019. The couple recently split up but said that they would be ‘best friends’ and their love for another ‘as humans, was stronger than ever.’ Shawn started the discussion about breaking up and on the other hand Camila didn’t object because she too thought it was for the best. According to other sources, the relationship ‘died’ or ‘faded’ overtime, this is the main cause of the breakup. The popstars let their fans know on a joint instagram post a little while ago. The two continue to be friends but not in a ‘relationship’ way, hoping that moving forward there are more collaborations and that the two continue to be friends. 

Kim Kardashain and Pete Davidson.

On Pete Davidson’s birthday Kim Kardashian and birthday boy himself wore matching pajamas and on slightly instagram confirmed their relationship. After breaking up with Kanye West a little while ago, Kim is supposedly in a relationship with Pete. The two have lots of fun together and laugh the entire time, say the Kardashian sisters, everyone is very happy for Kim, yet Kanye unfollowed her on instagram amidst the rumors of romance between Pete and Kim. However, the two must make long distance work if they want to keep seeing each other. Fingers crossed that things work out for them.

Birthdays this month!

  • Kendall Jenner – November 3rd 
  • Kris Jenner – November 5th
  • Emma Stone – November 6th
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – November 11th
  • Owen Wilson – November 18th
  • Scarlett Johansson – November 22nd
  • Miley Cryus – November 23rd
  • Sarah Hyland – November 24th
  • Tina Turner – November 26th
  • Bill Nye – November 27th

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The Rise and Fall of SEGA. How The Makers of Sonic fell out of the stars

By Akshat Ambekar

Sega is well known for its video game characters and consoles like the Sonic franchise and Prince of Persia. What you might not know is how the company began. 

The franchise Sega originated as a game makers company for the US army in 1946. The name is an abbreviation of Service Games the service, for military service, and the Games, because they made slot machines and pinball machines at US military bases.

However, in 1952 the US banned slot machines at their bases as they were too distracting for the soldiers. So they started making them in Japan and were bought by the Japanese company Rosen Enterprises, becoming SEGA Enterprises or just SEGA. Then in 1965, the arcade machine gag began and everyone started making more and more machines. Games like Space Invaders, Dig Doug, and Donkey Kong were all the rage at that time. 

This went on for Sega, the most successful game company until 1983 when in Japan, the company known as Nintendo created the Famicom at home console and Sega decided to compete. They provided Nintendo’s only competition until 1994. But this is about SEGA and when they saw Nintendo’s success with the Famicom, they released the SG-1000. 

This is where it’s going to get a bit technical. The first console (SG-1000) used 8-bit graphics (and I’m mostly going to be focusing on the graphics and storage capabilities of the consoles in comparison to the sales games and other stuff that isn’t technologically based, so keep that in mind). It was a high-quality graphic design for the time because no other medium could even produce anything near the scope of the SG-1000 and the NES, but it was still very limited as it consumed too much storage and the graphics, while unavailable anywhere else, we’re still not the greatest.

 However, this changed when Nintendo put up ads for their newest consoles, the SNES in the west and Super Famicom in the east. They used 16-bit graphics instead of 8 bit and that was a HUGE STEP-UP from 8 bit. It would be like if they went from 440p to 4k. That’s how much of a difference it was. 

In response, SEGA made the Sega master system which used 16-bit graphics as well. This was around the time that Sega started to fall behind Nintendo. released the SEGA Game Gear which flopped, and was their first handheld device but with 8-bit graphics. Then SEGA released its final console that sold over 10 million copies, The Sega Genesis. The SEGA Genesis used 16-bit graphics which were even better than the master systems. They also started using CDs with the CD Addon for the SEGA Genesis, because of its better storage capabilities, and because they were smaller than cartridges. The cartridge could store a lot of games but it was tedious to keep around and CD’s were overall just much more compact.

They also released the SEGA Saturn and the SEGA Dreamcast but they didn’t sell nearly as much as the SEGA Genesis.

After the release of the SEGA Dreamcast, SEGA’S decline turned into an avalanche, and they just couldn’t keep up with the demand, especially with the new PlayStation and Xbox. So finally, in 2004, they were bought by Sammy Corp for 2 billion dollars with Nintendo buying the rights to Sonic and its other games in 2007.

SEGA isn’t nearly as prominent as they were but they do still release games like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and other titles mostly to do with Sonic.

The story of SEGA is a quick one that nonetheless has a sad ending, at least we can be satisfied knowing that Nintendo kept on going with SEGA’S IP.


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The Celebrity Tea – October Edition

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By Aryana Ahuja

As we are heading into November let’s look back at the last month and look at some of the things celebrities have done.

What’s happening with Kanye and Kim and will Kanye go after Taylor?

Recently, Kanye West unfollowed Kim Kardashain on Instagram, as you may know Kim Kardashian filed a divorce, as of now they are on speaking terms and both the celebrities seem pleased with the way things are panning out. Though Kim did break out into tears on a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) while she was talking about Kanye and her marriage. She got extremely emotional after that and was in a bad mood for part of the episode. Sources describe the relationship as ‘amicable’ Kim and Kanye, after being married for 7 years called the quits. The drama originally started when Kanye jumped on stage while Taylor was giving an acceptance speech, he shrugged, returned the mic and the latter’s time was up, he did apologise to Taylor, but after that the drama with him and his wife, seemed to begin. Kim believes that Kanye moves around the country too much and it’s hard to raise children, however she hopes he finds a partner that can cope with the non-stop movement. Questions of what Kanye will do next have been buzzing, will Kanye go after Taylor because they are friends now? Will he run for president again? Or will he be alone? I Wrote a Song Using Only Kanye West Tweets 

Kim Kardashian Met Gala outfit

To the Met Gala 2021, Kim Kardashian wore a stark black, balenciaga, full body suit. Sources say that ex-husband Kanye West helped inspire the look, this outfit ‘rewrote the red carpet rules.’ Kim attracted so much attention that her outfit is now a halloween costume. The theme this year was American Independence and Kim’s outfit surprisingly fit the vibe the best. She showed that even while wearing a full body piece people would still find ways to criticize her. The idea behind this outfit is what truly represents American Culture.

Olivia Rodrigo & Sabrina Carpenter, what’s going on?!

Olivia Rodrigo has written multiple songs with an anonymous girl within them, each time hinting toward who it was with her lines ‘blonde girl’ & ‘older than me.’ Sources say that Olivia and co-star Joshua Bassett were in love only to see him go after some blonde girl, she was torn. Joshua Bassett then wrote a song called ‘anyone else’ and said that it was about ‘falling for a friend who was unavailable’

Moving on to Sabrina she wrote ‘maybe blonde was the only rhyme’ and ‘I am happy and you hate it’ could it mean Olivia was upset that Sabrina was happy and potentially with Bassett? Another part where Sabrina says ‘maybe we could have been friends, if we met in another life’ that seems like a pretty accurate thing to say. Questions of whether it is Sabrina? Or is Joshua still in love with High School Musical The Musical The Series co-star Olivia?  


In July, 2021 JUICE WRLD fans got news that despite the amazing rapper being dead (may he rest in peace) bits of his music would be released to the public. The album would be released in a trilogy and the first installation trailer of the song ‘party never ends’ has been released. Amongst many people in the world, JUICE is an extremely famous artist who I was introduced to by fellow students in grade 6 (they know who they are) at the age of 21 JUICE WRLD unfortunately passed away leaving fans in shock and tears. 

“When I listen to JUICE WRLD, I get taken to a zone, it’s like the JUICE GODS have taken me with them” says a fan. 

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Starting a Conversation…

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By Diya Barmecha

Manyavar is known for its new and fun ads. However, recently their new Mohey, bridal wear brand, advertisement starring Alia Bhatt has the internet divided. Advertisements are used as teasers of the band to persuade the audience to buy the product. However, other than the usual typical ads of just naming the advantages and disadvantages, there are some advertisements that go above and beyond and try to tackle social issues, create change and spread a progressive message. This particular advertisement tried to use the wedding as a setting to suggest an alternative to the Hindu ritual of ‘Kanyadaan’ to ‘Kanyamaan’.

Kanyadaan is a Sanskrit word which means to give away the daughter. As the name suggests and as you may already know, this is a Hindu ritual where the father of the bride gives the daughter to the groom. This ritual is highly deep rooted and revered. The ideology behind it is that the groom is considered to be Lord Vishnu at the time of the wedding and the kanyadaan is the biggest and best offering the parents can make to God. It is believed that this ritual will also purify the parents of all their sins. Their gift to Lord Vishnu is their prosperity of life, their daughter. It is a moment of pride. However, this advertisement is based on the assumption that the Kanyadaan is a disrespectful thing to the daughters. Ironically many may think that it is the most respectful thing because if the parents are giving a gift to God, they would want to give their daughter since she is their pride. 

On the other hand, many believe that the advertisement is trying to encourage parity or benign equal. Since in the last scene the parents of the groom also give their son away. The advertisement put their slogan as “Tradition wahi, Soch Nayi”(Same tradition with a new thought process). They have propagated this by adding the slogan of #KanyaMaan. Where some say that is this porgressive, much needed and a call to change, others are viewing it as a marketing gimmick by taking the Maan from Manyavar. It can be seen as progressive in terms of changing the fact of giving the daughter away as she is a property to be given away. This is because even women deserve respect. However, the simple fact remains that the advertisement tried to question Hindu rituals that have been going on for ages. 

There is a very thin line between progressive suggestions and disrespectful suggestions when it comes to rituals and this advertisement blurs the line. You can see it from both ways. According to tradition and culture it is the most revered thing the parents can do for their daughter but on the other hand they are referring to the daughter as something they can give away. More than just the debate on whether it’s right or wrong in the eyes of society, it’s also important to see if it was a smart decision on Manyavar’s part because sure, people are talking about the advertisement a lot more, but this also might just be the reason many would want to boycott the company as a whole as well. After an exclusive interview with Bijay Anand, the actor who played the role of Alia Bhatt’s father in the advertisement, I was able to understand that like most things,there will always be a positive side as well as a negative side “this is the nature of mankind,” he said, “This is the case with even Gods and religion. Therefore, something as mundane as an advertisement will also have a positive and a negative”. He further talks about the advertisement in the interview and says that the “Writer was not trying to address the concept of kanyadaan but instead how we treat women ”. When talking about support for or against the advertisement, he very rightly said that both sides have a story that needs to be said and heard. 

On the whole, movies can be a huge catalyst for change. Actor Bijay Anand even says, “When you go to watch a film it is to get a new perspective. If you knew what you were going to see, would you go?” Our personal opinion is different from the entire cycle of films and advertisements proposing new ideas for change. The industry will go on to produce such works and the actors will continue to act. The audience is doing its job right by watching and reacting to this and putting their opinion forward. The Manyavar ad brought forward an idea. This idea might not have sparked a change but it did start a conversation, a very important conversation of respecting women which may not have been rightly or wrongly related to ‘Kanyadaan’.

Shang Chi Movie Review

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By Aryana Ahuja

“I Thought I Could Change My Name, Start A New Life… But I Could Never Escape His Shadow.” – Shang Chi

On September 2nd 2021, Shang Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings was released. The movie has astonishing reviews on rotten tomatoes, an American review site and in my opinion it is quite definitely a movie to watch.

Overall the movie was really well balanced, with plenty of funny dialogue and a fair amount of fighting and magic which showed its connection to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The story is based on love and a next level fight for loved ones,mind games and trickery, how love can make you do things for other people and change your perception of the world. The legend of ten rings delivers a deep, heavy and meaningful message that everyone should learn from. The friendship between Katy, played by Awkwafina, and Shang Chi (Shaun), played by Simu Li, was extremely inspiring. Their bond was strong and like no other, Katy stuck by his side through the whole movie, no matter the hardships. That is the epitome of friendship. She discovered so many new things about her best friend.. Her comical personality and occasional jokes made her character quite memorable.

The statistics and directing of the movie is done extremely well, from the soundtrack with modern, handpicked songs to keep the flow of the movie smooth, all the way to choice of wording and language, this film has got it all!

Shang Chi is truly an amazing person. Having been through a lot, he always puts on a smile and has fun with Katy all the time. The two have an amazing bond. Shaun is an inspiring leader, older brother and friend, he is down to earth and strategic, perfect for the Avengers.

My favorite scenes from the movie usually include Katy in them, she is a sweet, hilarious soul, who just knows her way in the world. Katy is rambunctious, fun and down to karaoke any night. Katy stealing the car and driving around like a true Avenger is one favorite. During the bus fight Katy was a true star and trooper, cracking jokes to keep you on your toes all the time. “Your name is Shang Chi and you changed it to Shaun?”

(FunFact: Awkwafina had to learn to drive for the movie). 

Wenwu (The Mandarin) was quite the trickster,deceiving everyone and sneaking through traps, he deserves an applause. Wenwu and Li fighting in the beginning of the movie was more like a love scene than a fight, I know my whole family couldn’t depict whether or not they were showing affection or violence. Without his participation in the movie it just wouldn’t be the same. 

One change I know a lot of people were hoping to see with the MCU is the use of LGBTQ characters and with Shang Chi being a newer movie I believe they should have incorporated this element to elevate the movie and make it more relatable and diverse. There was a little diversity in characters but not much, maybe Shang Chi’s best friend could have been another race or LGBTQ but aside from that the movie was one to watch!

The last scene with Bruce Banner(Hulk) and Carol Danvers(Captain Marvel) was a perfect way to finish the movie and pave the way for what is to come. The order of events was clear and well illustrated. Cheers to the director (Destin Daniel Cretton) for an extremely successful, enjoyable movie, with love and violence and the perfect balance of both, I know Marvel Fanatics and first time watchers have both loved this film.

Astroworld Concert: Modern Day Tragedy


By Diya Barmecha

Just as the world was going towards normal with concerts and opening up of music festivals, the November 5th crowd crush happened. On this night, during Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival ten people died. While 8 passed away on the night of the concert, 2 more succumbed to their injuries in the next few days. The crowd crush and stampede of people was so strong that 25 people were hospitalised and over 300 people were treated for injuries at the festival’s hospital. An event that was to be the epitome of joy and celebration, quickly turned into a horrific nightmare. 

To understand how such celebrations turned into a sad story, let’s go back to the night of this event. Even before the countdown to Travis scott’s entry started, the medical staff at the music festival was overwhelmed with the crowd surge and the injuries that came with it. However, when Travis Scott came onto stage was when the heights of this tragedy were seen. During the first song, a few people had passed out. The Houston Fire Department revived reports of people passing out and had informed the show’s producers that people were going down. The implications of this crowd surge was so high that within 30 minutes there was a mass casualty event declared. There are multiple videos of Travis Scott looking out into the audience and asking what had happened during his concert since he saw an ambulance. Some have interpreted this as thoughtful of him while others are convinced that Travis Scott and the show’s security had a responsibility to the people attending. As the tension in the situation rose and the number of people shouting for Travis to stop the concert increased, the concert was finally stopped at 10:10 PM. 

Among the various victims in the concert, the youngest was 9-year-old, Extra Blount. The tragedy of this concert was felt for days. Scott promised to cover all the funeral costs for the victims of the incident and sent an apology video. During the next few days a statement was also made that “this was one of the many steps that Travis plans on taking as part of his personal vow to assist those affected throughout their grieving and recovery process.” Similarly, in a letter written by his lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, it showed that the rapper was “devastated” by the events of Astroworld. 

Although this may seem like a normal crowd surge to many, the police are investigating various angles to this festival as well. The most prevalent one includes the drug angel they are investigating. Authorities revealed that “Narcan had been administered several times at the concert”. 

While there are many people who blame Travis Scott for this and for not stopping the concert earlier. There are others like Grade 10 student Ishaan Shetty who say, “ Whatever he did was absolutely wrong and it was very sad but things haven;t changed and I still listen to his music.” Other fans like him believe that what happened at the concert was not his fault and they, “still like him as a person because there were many other people in the festival”. This is a very grey area. However, investigations are still underway. If there is more to the story, we will know one way or another. 

The MET Gala

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by Sania Ambardekar

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Unlike other charity events, the Met Gala is invitation only and is typically based on a person’s status, attracting the likes of the A-list celebrities.  This event sets the tone for the rest of the year for the fashion industry and marks the opening of the Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit; it can also be considered the fashion world equivalent of the Oscars. 

Due to Covid-19 last year, the ball was postponed to September 13th this year which makes it all the more enticing. This year’s theme was to celebrate the best of American Fashion and mark the Costume Institute’s 75th anniversary. This theme reflects the evolving notions of identity in the country. “In looking at the past through this lens, we can consider the aesthetic and cultural impact of fashion on historical aspects of American life,” said Max Hollein, the Marina Kellen French director of the Met. Celebrities are encouraged to dress explicitly outside their comfort zone which catches a lot of awe as well as criticism. The worst outfits are the boring ones: you go big or go home. Naturally, such a glamorous event cannot be complete without its controversies.

        Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of the American Vogue magazine became a co-chair in 1995 and turned the red carpet event into the event of the year. 

From Nicki Minaj’s complaints about the vaccination mandate to Amy Schumer’s nasty remarks about the event, they aren’t alone in disliking the Met Gala, with much of the public voicing disdain for the exclusive event as well.  

In recent years, the Met has made a shift from art to pop culture by inviting reality stars, YouTubers and social media influencers. A change this drastic had to have its criticisms. Steve Soloman, a fashion design student from the 90s called it a “movie star frat house” with celebrities who just want an opportunity to show off their wealth; who couldn’t care less about the museum, exhibit or the Costume Institute. 

The first name that comes to mind while talking about this year’s Met is none other than Kim Kardashian. Her look had no solid inspiration confirmed and brought about a lot of confusion, speculations and memes. Some found it iconic while others compared it to how the burqa is viewed as a sign of oppression whereas Kim’s outfit was seen as empowering, exposing a double standard. These statements were quite extreme and disputed. 

On the other hand, Billie Eilish created quite a stir. It was found that she refused to wear Oscar de la Renta unless they promised to go fur-free. This was a powerful and influential moment for her as well as her fans. Kendall Jenner’s stunning sheer dresses and Katy Perry’s over the top outfit changes could not help but break the internet. 

Celebrities didn’t shy away from political messages this year either with politician Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Cara Delevigne and others, flaunting social messages on their costumes. This was a debatable yet bold way of matching the theme. Apart from the more prominently bold outfits, some celebrities like Rihanna and Nikkie de Jager paid a tribute to Black and transgender icons.

An event of such a scale brings together not only fashion but also music, film and art. Whether it’s the bold or questionable choices or even the crashers, The Met is the night to make a statement, turn heads, cause Twitter moments and make global headlines and let’s be honest, the controversies just add to the hype. If there’s one guarantee it’s that The Met will have us talking long after it’s over. Above all, it is a fundraiser that raises millions of dollars, specifically for the fashion department and helps celebrate the rich history of fashion.

Rick Riordan: A Review

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By Advvay Ahuja

Rick Riordan is one of many known authors. He writes mostly on Greek Mythology which is basically Greek myths. He has written several book series which are famous like Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, etc. The series I like most is Percy Jackson.

In the series Percy learns that he is a demigod and he goes on quests to save his world from destruction. His fate is that he will reach 16 and destroy or save Olympus ( the city of the Gods) .

His books are always full of adventure and suspense. When you read them you just can’t put the book down. It always feels like something exciting is going to come next. When he was young he wrote a lot of stories so he was a good writer. He had a son who always wanted bedtime stories about Greek gods but Rick ran out of myths so he came up with his own myth. Rick Riordan implemented his own sarcasm and sense of humor on the hero Percy. 

I strongly recommend Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. It’s about Percy going on a quest to be impenetrable. He then goes with his friends to Manhattan to fight the Titan Kronos’s army. He wins and manages to save everybody. Percy is a great character and is very brave. The passionate boy would do anything to save his friends.

It is a book full of excitement and stuff you would never expect. I know that many of my friends read the book and they all loved it. In my opinion the book shows a great sense of bravery and persistence. The book is written with great passion.

The 8th Deadly Sin: Fast Fashion.

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by Tara Hebbar

The latest trends, newest styles and the brands. Our world seems to want it all – all the time. There seems to be no end to people’s constant desire for what’s new and in style. Going to the store and sweeping the racks has become a pastime for so many. Those who don’t indulge in this, for whatever reason, are looked down upon, and considered not part of the “it” group that our society has crafted. For those who are unaware, the term fast fashion refers to, “cheaply produced and priced garments that copy the latest catwalk styles and get pumped quickly through stores in order to maximise on current trends.” There is never an end to a new dress or a suit that entices people across ages and continental barriers. The term need has been loosely replaced by want. Repeating clothes has become the 8th deadly sin. Clothes are irresponsibly bought and thrown away in the same fashion. Everyone wants more, throwing aside all ideals of logic, care and responsibility. No, I don’t expect the world to roam the streets like the king in ‘the emperor’s new clothes’ – stark naked, or wear clothes just at the chest and crotch like our neathertal friends, however, the current situation has gone way too far. Shopping is no longer an activity that is looked at like buying groceries, a matter of fulfilling one’s basic needs, however, now it is all about who has the most trendy and the most expensive clothes. The amount of money people spend on clothes is astonishing, with shopping now becoming a way to express one’s monetary status. 

This activity is not only making us more greedy and polluted people as a race, it’s detrimental effect on the environment is appalling. It is the second most polluting industry in the world, and is like a monster. Thriving on greed, it continues to grow larger and more scary each and every day that we continue to knowingly feed it to destroy what feeds us – talk about biting the hand that feeds you! The idea of minimalism is not acknowledged by any of us, forget the ability to demonstrate it. Fashion production is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, and is the source of all the dried up and polluted water bodies. It’s harmful and toxic reach extends beyond just the making of clothes. The washing of clothes itself leads to the release of 500,00 tons of micro fibres into the ocean annually, equivalent to 50 billions bottles made of plastic. Each and every step of article production taunts the environment in some way or the other. It affects each and other parts of our world. The wastage and immense usage of water and energy is a big part of this. One shirt requires 700 gallons of water to be manufactured. The next time you hear of a drought, know the new shirt you just bought could have saved so many thirsty animals and human beings. Jeans are even worse! Needing 2000 gallons of water each one. If this isn’t enough, here are some more terrifying facts about this industry. 85% of these holy grains of clothes and textiles go to waste each year. People have no connection or control, as one new piece of colorful comes in, another goes, irrespective of its condition. Clothing production has doubled approximately since 2010. In just 10 years, the population is increasing, but so are some people’s shopping habits. People also bought 60% more clothes in 2014 than 2000, while keeping them for only half as long. While this might seem foreign, most of us have contributed to it.

These are just some of the many negative effects of fast fashion. Spewing facts and statistics will only go so far, however, it’s in our hands to turn these facts around into a miracle that the future generations can marvel at. Let’s use and reuse clothes, lend them to our juniors and not feel the need to hit the shops as soon as the “trend” changes. Know that in the end, the trends lie in the hands of our fellow human beings, and each time, the environment bears the brunt. We don’t always need to buy new clothes all the time. The mantra you need to follow is “need not want.” Only buy clothes when you need it, you’ll realise the simple needs of your life. You don’t need the newest H&M release, you want it. And here’s the reality of life, “you don’t get everything you want” or rather, “don’t get everything you want.” Although our world considers being untrendy the 8th deadly sin, it’s truly fast fashion that occupies this villainous throne. 

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