By Ishita Ambekar

If you’ve read the title you already know what I’m referring to– abortion laws in the United States of America. But what is abortion? 

Abortion is the choice of ending a pregnancy. Usually, this happens when the baby is not fully formed or in short, a fetus. If the death of a child occurs without aborting the fetus, it is normally called a miscarriage.

 Why do people abort? It is not because they hate the child, but why would you want the child to live a life knowing that he/she wasn’t supposed to be born? Nor can you force a woman to raise a child, take full responsibility and force guardianship onto her.

Many women, statistically, 1 out of every 6  are raped, and after this, they are forced to keep the child! They take full responsibility and the children don’t even get to live a full life. The mother doesn’t have anyone else to depend on, she has no freedom and has to be devoted to the child, along with working to and keeping the family afloat. 

In the United States, they have banned late-term abortions and abortion when women don’t know that they are carrying life until sometime later and as per new legislature, in the US you cannot abort after 16 weeks (3 months). While, yes many people agree with this law and are praising the government but in states such as Mississippi, women are protesting and fighting back! Posters scream, “It’s our choice and Why do other people get to decide what I do with my child”. 

It took me little time to realise that I am against banning abortion, as Rachel Greene famously said: “no uterus no opinion.” This doesn’t apply to men specifically but also certain groups like Christians and the anti-abortion group. I certainly do not mean every Christian is bad but, a large group of them have displayed their discomfort towards this topic.

In conclusion, everyone has their own rights aborting should be one of them. It’s not like giving up a child is easy but at the end of the day, it is hard. Women should not be hated on for picking themselves. It’s time to draw the line! We are in 2019 and it’s all about letting women finally have a choice!