by Tara Hebbar

The lockdown as a concept has been associated with an ever negative connotation. Though this year has made every one of us specialists in the field, not all of us have chosen to adopt the ubiquitous perspective on the matter. Professionals from all walks of life have been using this time to increase productivity.  When the pandemic first came about,  people wondered what would become of the entertainment and music industries.  Despite the fears, musicians have been extremely creative and have managed to entertain us all through this lockdown. Not only is this building their online platforms,  but people sitting at home are giving them an awaiting audience as well. 

Artists have been releasing their composed music and have been using their platforms to promote good causes and are helping people from all walks of life. This is just an example of several singers all singing “If The World Was Ending” to help the organization “doctors without borders.” In the same way,  other artists have done their very best to help anyone in need. 

Shreya Goshal who has been working on her music during lockdown says,

Everyone is at home, their morale is down. It’s been over a month of lockdown. We needed to do something to cheer up people. Also, we are raising funds. I want to help as much as possible. A lot of underprivileged people are there who need support.” 

There have been many fundraiser concerts to raise money and some just to raise the spirits of those who need it.  In our nation, we saw the “I for India” concert which was viewed by thousands of people. They raised a total of ₹54,007,539, in the duration of just a few hours. “For the first time ever, the Indian entertainment industry and friends of the industry are coming together to organize the biggest home-to-home concert to ever happen from India. As the grand finale of the #SocialForGood Live-athon, the “I for India” initiative is an attempt to bring people together in solidarity against the challenges that this global pandemic has thrown at us, all proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the India COVID Response Fund being managed by GiveIndia.”

That was just the smallest of samples of these large scale concerts that are making large-scale effects on so many lives. Music is not only a cure to so many problems, but like we’ve seen time and again during the lockdown it can be used not only to unite people but additionally also can save so many lives and contribute to so much kindness being spread. 

Tara is an 10th grader who loves to sing, read, play and watch cricket, basketball and tennis, play the guitar, listen to music, meet new people, and always learn. She is very passionate about the things she writes about, and does and is always up for a debate or casual conversation. Her main goal as a journalist for the Ascent is to inform and inspire people to change their ways for the better of the world.