by Anika Mahansaria and Diya Barmecha

There has been a war going on in Syria for over 8 years. Even before the war, Syrians complained about about unemployment levels, corrupt government officials, unrealistic militant approaches, and unfair trade practices. The war kindled when there was a drought in Syria from 2006 lasting till 2010. This drought affected most of its fertile land. After the drought passed, 60% of the nation was a desert and couldn’t support cattle herding, which affected their trade and set back their economy.

The fights in Syria have been among people who support the president, Bashar al-Assad,  and a group known as rebels, who don’t want Assad to be president also known as the Islamic State (IS).  Assad, president since 2000, is in control of all the Armed forces. He graduated from the College of Medicine of the University of Damascus in the year 1988. Though, he was yet made president. 

Bashar has been facing rebellion as his regime has harmed many people. He has had people tortured and executed for crimes such as launching a nerve gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus in 2013.  He has tortured around 11,000 Syrians since the beginning. Due to all of this ruckus in Syria, around 9 million Syrians, nearly half of the pre-war county’s population. Rebels have been trying to get equality and peace in a country were these words  have not been used and applied for a long time.

The only possible solutions as many countries have iterated in UN conferences around this issue have stated, “One of the parties to give up the power and come to one peaceful solution that doesn’t harm civilians.”With attempted attacks on Assad to stop chemical attacks. This will continue for long and probably result in a world war. To stop the war, all weapons need to be stopped and other extreme measures need to be taken in order to accomplish this.

A collection of stories written by the students of Ascend International School!