By Om Valia,

In the last couple of months, there have been typhoons hitting South East and North East Asia. Japan’s most powerful and destructive typhoon called “Jebi” struck in Western Japan and created a massive amount of destruction. Two people were killed as soon as this violent typhoon hit the region. The city’s international airport, called Kansai International Airport, which is located on a man-made the island in the centre of Osaka, was also flooded and thousands of people had to immediately evacuate the airport. It has been said that the airport was cut off and shut down temporarily when an ocean tanker crashed and wrecked it’s overpassing bridge to the mainland. For Japan, this natural calamity has been the biggest one so far in 25 years and has definitely caused a scene of havoc and chaos.

Local accounts have said that in 10 years, Bangkok will no longer be a city, it will be submerged completely by the rise of water levels.

Due to this natural disaster happening in Japan, Thai Airways decided to declare cancellations for their ongoing flights from Bangkok to Osaka. Along with their delays, they have warned and righteously informed Japanese residents and expatriates who are unknowingly approaching the typhoon, to avoid it. Before this disastrous typhoon gradually pounded the Japanese coastline, there were heavy floods in Bangkok which rose quite high. Local accounts have said that in 10 years, Bangkok will no longer be a city, it will be submerged completely by rising of water levels. Similarly to the Jebi typhoon, Philippines has also been afflicted by a typhoon called Mangkhut which is roaring through the Philippines and is heading towards China.

Could these recent natural disasters in the Asian continent be linked to global warming and pollution? Could this be due to the rise of hot polluted water? If you research this, the internet has uncountable sources to suggest and support this question.


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