by Naina Sharma

Kobe Bryant passed away on 26th January, in a devastating helicopter crash, along with his daughter Gianna, and seven other people. The cause of death for all nine victims was blunt force trauma, and the manner of death was certified as an accident. The group was expected at the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks for a basketball game on the day of the helicopter crash. 

Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers and was a legendary basketball player. He was 41 and an 18-time All-Star who won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant was the definition of a living legend. Bryant always talked trash and always guarded the toughest opponents. He played through pain and demanded the ball at the defining moments of games. 

He was an inspiration to kids, parents, sportsmen, and so many more. He earned his fan’s adoration with his skill, determination and how he played with his heart and soul. His death affected millions of people across the globe. Even people who didn’t follow the NBA, or even watch him play were devastated when they heard the news. The basketball world reacted with major pain and disbelief. I personally never watched him play, but I still felt really sad about it, watching how he affected everyone’s lives. A 7th grader and ultimate Lakers fan, Aedan Bhattacharya shared his thoughts about Bryant’s death.

When I heard the news, I was extremely sad, and I honestly didn’t believe it, I thought it was fake, and that people were lying and spreading it. When I realized it was true, I was in shock, it finally sunk in. He was an inspiration to me. He was the reason I started following basketball, especially the Lakers, and he was an inspiration to every sportsman. His death made me think about how one day everything can just go. All the great things in the world, all the legendary people can just disappear.” –

Aedan Bhattacharya, 7th Grade

Kobe Bryant played a major role in his daughter’s career. Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant dreamt to be a basketball player and was on her way to follow her father’s legacy. The 13-year-old girl was a very talented basketball player. With Bryant as her personal coach, Gianna was definitely going to become a professional. Bryant was confident Gianna would do so, and he spoke often of his wish for her to carry on his legacy. 8th grader Tara Hebbar was inspired by how Bryant cared for his daughter.

“He was honestly an amazing player, it was always really great to watch him play. It’s devastating that he had to go so soon. He had so many plans for his daughter’s career and it was just shocking and extremely sad to hear the news.

Tara Hebbar, 8th Grade

He was a seriously legendary player, and there’s nobody like him. Everyone suffered a great loss that day, and the world will never forget the legendary Mamba. 

Naina Sharma is a eighth grader at Ascend International School. Some of her passions include, singing, writing, and fashion. She is dedicated to her work, and likes to be organised, and have nothing out of place. She loves to learn and try new things. In her free time, you would probably find her engrossed in a new book she picked up at the library. She writes for the Ascent because she wants to voice her opinion on a larger scale.