By Om Valia

Mohammad Bin Salman is a prince and a prime minister of Saudi Arabia and is part of one of the royal families in the Arab nation. He is considered to be a man who is respected by many people in the country. On Tuesday, October 2nd 2018 Salman sent a group of 15 men to assassinate a Saudi Arabian journalist named Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mohammad Salman is considered to be important to the people of Saudi as he is the one who is coming up with changes to the policies of the country. He has brought about sweeping reforms and one of which is the empowerment of women. Which on the surface looks very progressive, however, he has locked up half of his family in a hotel for no clear reasons and is power hungry.

People like the prince of Saudi because of his role played in developing the country and making it a more modern nation to keep up with the 21st century. However they do not know his deepest secret the public which currently seems to be fine with it, but soon or later people will find out the actions he is hiding.

The future of Saudi is at stake because of the unpredictability of Mohammad Bin Salman

One of his relationships, that really affects everyone is the one with Trump. MBS has met many Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world and he happens to have met President Donald Trump as well. This is ongoing as the United States is a geostrategically of Saudi. They both are strong partners and both are sworn enemies of Iran since the Iran revolution.

The future of Saudi is at stake because of the unpredictability of Mohammad Bin Salman, his behind the scene actions he is taking and the murder of a journalist he recently conducted. He killed the journalist because he uncovered somethings about him, and by luring him in, he killed him.

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