by Arthur F. Beaugeard

Unbeknownst by all but a select few of enlightened beings, Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 as of the Gregorian calendar was a deeply special day. 

On this fateful day, it was the second day of the second month of the year marking the beginning of the second decade after the second millennium had passed. Ladies and gentlemen, the date was 02/02/2020 in either the system used by America or the rest of the world, making it the first palindrome date in over 900 years. 

A palindrome date is the same thing forwards and backwards, making February 2nd one because the bare numerals lying nude and slashless read: 02022020, perfectly mirrored on each side of one another. That date also happened to be the 33rd day of 2020 and there are 333 days in the year after that date. 

The last palindromic date occurred on 11/11/1111, or November the 11th, 1111. But how does the last palindromic date stack up to the more recent one? Well, they didn’t even have windmills until 1185 which really tells you a lot. As your grandparents may recall, there was no TV or electricity back then and, if they’re not bluffing and were actually there at the time, they may have told you that even the grandest European kings could not read. Worst of all, there were no carefully bred watermelons that were not only edible for but tasty to humans. I’m just kidding, watermelons are awful. Who’s with me? Okay, nobody. I know many of my stances are controversial.

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