By Aaryan Gondal

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, always amazes us with the latest and greatest technologies. The one thing that really stood out this year for many was surprisingly something that wasn’t even comprised of a motherboard or some crazy fast chips. It was simply a burger. Not just any normal burger, but the impossible burger. The Impossible Burger is a burger, which is made from a material derived from plants. It’s said to taste just like meat (beef to be precise). What makes this burger even more special is the fact that it’s very eco-friendly. The company says that making it, uses 95% less land and 74% less water, and it emits about 87% less greenhouse gas than making a ground beef burger patty from cows.

The impossible burger has also been hailed as the best technological innovation at CES  2019.

This CES brought to us the Impossible Burger version 2.0. The impossible burger has also been hailed as the best technological innovation at CES 2019, by popular tech companies like Digital Trends & Engadget. Digital Trends’ Drew Prindle had this to say about the recent makeover of the new burger, “By shrinking the flavour gap between real meat and fake meat, the Impossible Burger is making it easier for everyone to make more environmentally conscious food choices, and that’s a big deal”. Adding onto this, he also said that, “Animal agriculture is the number one cause of environmental destruction in the world, so reducing humanity’s consumption and cultivation of meat is arguably one of the most effective ways that we can combat climate change.”

The Impossible Burger has surely made its dent at the CES! Dare to try one? Or dare a friend to have one?

Aaryan Gondal is a member of the Ascent Newspaper Club and a 10th grader in Ascend International School. He loves to write about sports (football in particular), technology and inspirational stories. Aaryan has been writing for the Ascent for over a year now. Through the Ascent, he informs, entertains and educates the community around him.