By Om Valia

On 6th January 2019, the ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters came back in power to the streets of France. They had an extremely violent confrontation with the police forces in many cities, breaking their way into the government ministry in Paris, with the assistance of a fork hoist truck. The Yellow Vest protestors are originally a group of people who started a political movement in order to get economic justice from the government.

The Yellow Vest protestors are originally a group of people who started a political movement

The inner ministry put many of those protesters behind bars on Saturday at approximately 50,000 compared with 32,000 other protesters taken in on the 29th of December, When the Yellow Vest movement started falling weak due to organizing “weekly Saturday protests”. The protestors violently broke the wooden door to the ministry compound. This act of vandalism was intolerable and the attack on the republic was not acceptable. A group of these people, after entering the French ministry, broke two cars and some windows and then quickly escaped. However after the incident took place the police were trying to identify the mobs who committed this, with the help of the CCTV footage.

After this unfortunate event took place President Emmanuel Macron did not necessarily mention anything about the dreadful incident. However, he still decided to tweet his expression of disapproval towards the violent protests by the Yellow Vest supporters.    

The question is will the Yellow Vest movement continue? Or will the government give the group economic justice? There are all sorts of possibilities, but which one is the right one and for whom? France has been in a peculiar state recently. Let’s keep an eye on events in France in the upcoming months.

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