By Anya Daftary,

Danish Siddiqui has been awarded with the Pulitzer Prize of Journalism for covering the Rohingya’s struggle in Bangladesh. The Ascent talks to him.

Anya: Photography tends to be rather underrated in today’s day and age. So what exactly do you do and why is it so important?

Danish: In laidback terms, I record history. I’m a historian. A lot of people in this world write and record about history and I visually capture history. To go much more deeper into it, Im a photojournalist who is records history whenever I am standing or wanted to go somewhere to capture what is happening and to showcase it to the people who don’t have access because of various reasons, and be in the place where history takes place. For example the viewers of readers of the paper everyone can’t go so they send me, they trust people like me who would show what is happening over their.

Anya: What makes a picture?

Danish: See, in my experience of work, being a photographer, I think the best picture is a picture that can tell you a story, in a single frame. It can tell you the reaction and whatever. And should be able to spend to some time on the picture ad question why this in happening so I get the best picture. And then again there are technical things in a picture and the content but that’s very technical. What I think is a good picture is a picture carefully look at.

Anya: When we looked at some of your pictures we saw a lot of emotion in them, we could feel and grasp a story. The emotions and everything seems so real. Everything in a story. How do you see an image and make it a story?

Danish: So what I do, and what everybody tries to do, is to showcase my different elements in one frame, which can be in a complex frame, so the actions and reactions in a single picture, which means for example something in the background has an effect.

Anya Daftary is co-head at The Ascent. Her passions include music, dance, history and writing -- specifically in the Hindustan that was. She believes strongly in the future of India and wants to help be a part of it. She hopes to make The Ascent a platform for young people to be familiar with the events and news around and have a voice