By Ishnaa Goenka

Death of a Drunkard is a play written by the 8th graders of Ascend International School.


“usually, people don’t get to see the behind the scenes of a play, so this video is truly raw and eye-opening of the work that went into the making of this play”

As a part of our murder mystery unit, we made an original murder mystery play. We analysed books, movies in the same genre and wrote a low production play that was twenty-minutes long. We performed it at our 2nd annual MYP concert. The play also has four songs which made it into a mini-musical. Three out of the four songs were written by the 8th graders and one was written by our music teacher, Mr Andrew. The class put in a lot of effort and hard work into bringing this play to life. We learnt how to write a script, act and coordinate a play. We had a few teachers to help us and a guest teacher, Mr Raj who is an actor from the UK who helped us improve our performance.  Overall the play turned out really great and all the hard work of months of writing and editing the play to learning our lines and performing it. The class really enjoyed the process of making the play.

The video linked is the behind the scenes video of the play, a few actors also share their experience.  

Ishnaa Goenka is an 8th grader, who’s biggest passion lies in filmmaking and other creative outlets like dance, fashion, and art. She has a keen eye for design and and she’s very passionate about global warming and feminism. She tends to be organized, enjoys learning new skills and pursuing a number of activities and hobbies. She loves traveling and meeting different people from various cultures and backgrounds.