by Aahana Khemani

Many women across the globe have gone from zero to hero using their determination, willpower and innovation skills. Each one of them has a unique story that has a life lesson hidden underneath it. Many of these strong and courageous women have had difficulties along the way. Some have had money issues, others have had no education, hundreds have had no family, many have been mistreated. Despite all these tragic obstacles, they have risen. 

Mary Kom is one of the biggest female boxers in the world. But does her current respected status take away her difficult past? She was born in Mangte Chungneijang, Manipur, India. Mangte Chungneijang is a rural area in India, this translates to limited resources. Mary Kom only got proper training after she won the Asian games. She had to quit high school so that she could pursue boxing. Her family discouraged her because they thought it wasn’t a ‘women’s game.’ After all this pressure and all these obstacles she proved to everyone that women aren’t to be taken for granted. She won silver at her first tournament, after which she was the 5 time AIBA champion. Even after giving birth she continued to box. 

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without wifi and bluetooth? Well then, Hedy Lamarr is one to thank. She was born in Austria, married to a wealthy man and lived in a castle. Although, she was treated like she had no mind of her own! She was treated like a mannequin. She was just dragged into all her husband’s meetings, he interacted with the Nazis.  One day she decided to run away and live her own life. After getting freedom, she eventually made 18 movies. She adjusted her mannequin life and transformed it to become one of the world’s biggest film stars! Not only did she become a film star, she invented many things between movies. One of her works laid foundation for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, something millions use today. 

Struck by horror when her drug addicted father set fire to the house and tried to kill her mother, Nicki Minaj decided to give her mother strength. She set out on a path to become successful. She won a ton of awards from People’s Choice Award to MTV Video Music Award. She is also an inspiration to many people all around the globe. Despite all the violence she faced as a child, she arose to making amazing songs!

Malala Yousafzai was shot and injured badly when she was very young. She was shot for going to school by the Taliban, for no reason at all. Should that happen to a young girl? Absolutely not! After recovering, Malala spoke up for herself and many other girls who faced similar problems through very powerful speeches. She influenced millions. She won many awards such as– The Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa Awards, Order of the Smile, International Children’s Peace Prize and countless more! Malala is a strong example of courage, bravery, determination and activist. Women can inspire and are strong. 

These are just a few of the women that have set an example of what women can do. There are more and more that are yet to shine. If men and women are treated equally (like they are now in many societies) women won’t have to fight so much. They can let the world have a taste of their own ideas and works. This world can become a better place! 

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