By Anika Mahansaria

The cop comedy, Brooklyn 99, which aired on Fox, found a new home on NBC. NBC Universal did, in fact, originally own rights to the show, which made it the most likely network to save it.

The show is diverse in the cast and is inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community and many other such things.

Brooklyn 99 is about a team of detectives of the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn. The show is diverse in the cast and is inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community and many other such things. The show also tackles real-life issues and addresses them in a fun and entertaining manner, while showing the seriousness of the issue. In the 4th season, the show tackles racism, in the 5th season, it tackles coming out as bisexual and how parents would react and an active shooter situation. The 6th season will be having a #METOO episode as well.

Moments after Fox announced that it wasn’t renewing Brooklyn 99, fans expressed their outrage on Twitter. Recently, Fox opened up about why they chose to cancel the show. According to the network, 5 seasons was long enough for a single-camera comedy, but there were other factors too. Eventually, the network felt that this year, there was no space for the show on the lineup. Thursday Night Football also made sure that they were two fewer hours for entertainment shows, though Fox was making sure that they do have a new home.

Ever since NBC had sold Brooklyn 99, NBC Entertainment’s Chairman, Robert Greenblatt regretted doing that and thought it was time the show returned to its rightful home. NBC heard the plea of fans, and they swooped in to pick up the show. The show was supposed to be 13 episodes in season 6 and now it’s extended to an 18 episode season. There have been two episodes that have aired so far in season 6 and everyone is on their feet in anticipation for the coming episodes.

Fans are very excited to see what changes NBC will make to the show and we hope it doesn’t disappoint. NINE NINE!

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