By Sakshi Kale

Cirque Du Soliel Bazaar was a long-awaited event that took place in BKC. It wowed millions and everyone was left in awe of this French circus. People had lined up and bought tickets for this show, 6 months in advance. It was the first time that Cirque Du Soliel had come to India and I think it was a mutually enjoyed trip.

It was well set up and the fact that it had a theme gave the whole experience a good lens and vision.

But to get into the details. It was well set up and the fact that it had a theme gave the whole experience a good lens and vision. The idea of setting it in a bazaar format was a clever idea because it was set in Mumbai and adapted to that environment. The thought process of the setting and the “stealing” of the hat, was one thing that really stood out for me. To say the least, it was well conceptulised. However, when you give it a second thought, it could have been a slight diss to Mumbaikars, because they were showing how in the markets on Mumbai, people act like hooligans and steal belongings. This is only what I thought when I gave it a deeper thought. But the only thing that I found wrong was that it was a tad bit overpriced. When something was that expensive… you would have expected to at least have better service and more food (cause well, food is what sells the place). Furthermore, the acts were very well planned and extremely well performed. I could notice a lot of people at the tips of their seats waiting in anticipation for the next act. Few acts, however, like the fire one, were a bit of a downfall. In the sense that it was expected to be outstanding because of the whole lead up to it; and even the fact that it was a ending act. But it was a little disappointing because it was very ordinary.

The whole show was very well directed and the colour combinations used in the set design gave it the cherry on top. Even the singing! It was fabulous! It was with a doubt the best part of the whole show. The fact that all the music was live gave it whole other perspective to love. The costumes were very unique and playful.

From the decor to the ambience to the actual performance, everything was done to the T. There are always exceptions, but I think this was just a step away from being a more than outstanding performance.

Sakshi Kale is in the 8th grade. One of her prominent hobbies is dancing. She has been dancing her whole life and has been focusing only on Odissi for the past 8 years. She has a great aptitude for music and drama as well. She also enjoys writing essays. She can’t sing but plays the piano beautifully. Along with all of this, she is learning kickboxing. She has fun when everyone is together and united. She is a big feminist and feels strongly for gender equality. She also stands actively for the LGBTQ+ community.