Riverdale has many interesting characters and in this article, I will look at some of them, including Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica. They all have their own different personalities and aims. Veronica and Archie are dating and so are Betty and Jughead.


In season 1, we learn that the town has darkness looming all over it. A student from the local high school has been murdered by his father in season one. Everyone is flummoxed as Riverdale was once a derelict town with no unkindness and suddenly there is darkness everywhere. At the end of this first season, we find out that the boy’s father murdered him. After killing the son, the father subsequently committed suicide by hanging himself.

This has been an engrossing show, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the upcoming episodes!

Now at the start of season 2, there is a mysterious man in a “black hood” who is repeatedly murdering random individuals living in Riverdale. This man’s only reason to go around killing people is that he wants to remove the evil from Riverdale. Starting with Archie’s father who nearly dies. He kills other students and the ex-music teacher at Riverdale High. Everyone is feeling afraid and the town is engulfed by red colours. At the end of the season, we discover that the mysterious murders were committed by Betty Cooper’s father, Hal Cooper.

Season 3 starts off with Archie in prison as he is framed for murder by Hiram Lodge, as the season continues, he escapes prison with the help of his girlfriend Veronica and his friends. In this season we find out the new darkness glooming in Riverdale starting from the Gargoyle King to Hiram Lodge’s nefarious plan.  

This has been an engrossing show, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the upcoming episodes!

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