By Manavi Nag,

We are called the iGen, post millennials, and Gen Z amongst many other things. As the generation to have been born between 1995 to 2012, we have witnessed a mammoth amount of differences between our generation and others. The simple fact that we are called i-Gen because of growing up with “iPhones” and technology and having had access to it, all our life, proves that our generation is a complete opposite of our predecessors. Let’s look into what really makes Gen Z so unique.

Let’s start off with social media. Facebook showed up on our screens in 2004. Followed by Youtube in 2005. Half a decade later we were in for a ride with Instagram and then with Snapchat in 2011. It is safe to say that most middle schoolers have been alive and have primarily witnessed most of these launches. Social media has allowed things like “Influencer” and “Public Figure” to become not only jobs but extremely well-paying ones. The introduction of “food bloggers” and “Instagram models” all became real life jobs too. People don’t have to get on a train or sit at a desk from 9 to 5. Now all people have to do, is open up an app on their phone, in less than 3 seconds. We have grown up to see that celebrities can post one picture of them endorsing a product to their million number following to earn millions. Gen-Z has been the guinea pig or testers for a completely new type of living and a completely transformed workforce. Not only do labels like these, make it easy for companies to market their brands, but also they make it so easy to have a job. I understand that to become big on a social media platform with 800 million followers, is extremely hard, but the process is so unlike any other. You don’t have to send in an application or go for a interview, you just have to post a well captured, nicely edited picture and then hope for the best. Now however good or bad you think social media is, its effect can be extremely beneficial. According to a “collective bias” study, 60% of consumers are influenced by an online post or tweet.

Our life has changed dramatically, and it is hard to think about the future and how different it will be like from now.

Manavi Nag is a the co-head and of the Ascent. She is in the 9th Grade and strives to use her voice for change. She likes spreading awareness and opinions through her articles to her community and the world. She enjoys writing articles, dancing and travelling. Manavi is extremely passionate about the Ascent and wants to use her voice for change in the world, as a teenage journalist living in the 21st century.