By Aahana Khemani

COVID-19 is a very deadly virus that arose from China. Everyone, regardless of social-economic factors, is struggling in every way because of this virus. Markets are down, people are suffering and communities are quarantined. Everyone is fighting this virus together. A lot of people are helping by donating, doing essential services (such as doctors, police, helpers etc) But, is everyone still hopeful? Is everyone still thankful? Is everyone still strong? 

Recently, the government of India hosted two very significant events. The Janata Curfew and the Lighting Ceremony. What were these two events? Did it strengthen the community? Let’s find out what Middle School students know and think!! 

The Janata Curfew was an event where people in India clapped their hands, banged plates and spoons, blew shells and did many other things to show their appreciation to the facilities (doctors, police, helpers etc…) that worked selflessly during this pandemic. All of this was done from their windows/balconies. Another part of the Janata Curfew was staying indoors ALL day! 

What did MYP think of the Janata Curfew?

  • Swanica from 10th Grade said “The Janata Curfew brought together many positive emotions (pride, unity, togetherness)”
  • Arnav from 8th grade said, “It was good because it showed appreciation to doctors and medical staff.”
  • Madhav from 6th grade quoted “people felt more respected and it was fun!”
  • Jeongwon Choi also from 6th said, “I didn’t know a thing about it.
  • Anish Rattan reported, “It gave people a positive mindset but it also brought people closer together.”

The other thing that the government hosted was The Candle Lighting Ceremony. It was an event where everyone lit candles, flashed torchlights from their balconies/windows to strengthen lost hopes and just be there for people who are fighting the virus. 

What did MYP think of the Lighting Diyas?

  • Meera from grade 6 said “I loved all the candles light up in my house, it was like being on a camping trip, but prettier. My mom made it with flowers on the floor and a mat outside. It was really pretty.”
  • Tarana from grade 6 said, “I felt it was pointless, though I really liked the Janata curfew.” Next up,
  • Tara from 8th grade said: “It brought people together.”
  • Last but not least Abir from 8th grade said: “I liked it because people were locked up for a lot of time, and that needs some appreciation.”

In conclusion, these two events did have its pros (such as bringing back hope) and cons (such as disturbing animals by noise pollution) but it turned out pretty well! It brought us closer as a community, boosted hope, thanked a lot of people and gave us something fun to do! Stay Safe!

Thank you Tarana Ramachandra, Jeongwon Choi, Tara Hebbar, Meera Somaiya, Madhav Somaiya, Swanica Shah, Arnav Gorantala, Anish Rattan, and Abir Gupta!