By Ishnaa Goenka

We all make new year’s resolutions, but we never end up keeping them. There are tons of articles and blog posts on trying to keep your new year’s resolutions but it never seems to work. It’s sort of like a joke that no one is able to keep up with their resolutions, its true but why. At the beginning of the year, we make ambitious goals thinking the new us will change forgetting that we are still the same person. As a few days go by, we fall back into our old ways and don’t make any progress. I always struggled with keeping my new year’s resolutions probably because of how ambitious my goals were.

So my first tip is to keep it realistic

So my first tip is to keep it realistic, be honest with yourself, don’t put a goal you know you won’t be able to keep. Having too high of an expectation has more chance of you failing.

My second tip is planning your goals or new years resolutions in a more organized manner. I came across this video from Anna Akana, she talks about this yearly plan she makes in all aspects of her life and how she follows them. She uses this method where she divides her life into 8 areas, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, financial, artistic, physical and mental.  Make a mindmap and for each category be specific about your goal, even if it is small or big. This way of planning your new year’s resolution allows you to improve your self in aspects of your life that are important, and keeping your goals realistic will help you reach them.

My third tip is to start small. For example, If you want to exercise daily, start with exercising for only 7 minutes then slowly increase it as you are able to keep up. Before you know it you will be exercising for an hour every day!

Trying and seeing what works for you is important, maybe its start small, maybe its the eight areas of life, maybe it’s all them. I personally tried this method for 2019 and so far I’ve been able to stick with. I’ve been stretching my legs and keeping my Netflix usage in control. And if you think its too late, you’re wrong even though it’s almost the end of January use these tips to get back on those resolutions.

Ishnaa Goenka is an 8th grader, who’s biggest passion lies in filmmaking and other creative outlets like dance, fashion, and art. She has a keen eye for design and and she’s very passionate about global warming and feminism. She tends to be organized, enjoys learning new skills and pursuing a number of activities and hobbies. She loves traveling and meeting different people from various cultures and backgrounds.