by Ishita Ambekar

The CW show Riverdale came out with a season 4! For those of you who don’t know about the show, you might have heard about the Archie Comics which came out in the 1960s. The Archie comics are stories about a group of friends (Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica.)  Riverdale is a much darker take on the comics. Using the same names and personalities of the characters, the writers of the show have made it a murder mystery and teen drama. 

A couple of changes that the writers made were, the Archie Comics were known for the battle between Betty and Veronica for Archies love, but in the CW take on the comics Betty ends up with Jughead. Jughead is just a good friend in the comics not really looking for love, he loves food and by that, I mean only food. In the CW take, Jughead like mentioned earlier ends up with Betty, still loving his burgers, he is a detective and writer. Veronica, in the CW take, like in the comics, she’s a rich brat but is trying to be nice and fit in. Archie, well he’s Archie red hair and an athlete, but in my opinion, the biggest change is that he has a very dark side. He takes on many hobbies like, boxing and playing the guitar. Lastly, Betty, she has the famous ponytail and in the beginning, she has a huge crush on Archie, she soon develops a romantic relationship with Jughead. Betty as well as being a very nice person she has a very dark side, she has multiple bruises on her hands and deals with the Cooper family drama. She works alongside jughead on important cases. 

Now the part you all have been waiting for SEASON 4! Riverdale season 4 episode 1 (in memoriam) this is a tribute to Luke Perry (Fred Andrews) Luke sadly died due to a heart attack. Archie gets a call saying that his father is dead. The whole gang gets ready to go on an adventure to bring the body home. Archie goes to the place where his father dies and meets the person he was protecting/helping. As they come into Riverdale everyone was holding posters and cheering Fred on.

Archie gives a task to jughead a big task and I mean it. Archie gives a big position to jughead, and when I say big I mean big. Fred Andrews Death article was all in Jugheads Hands. In the following episode, we see the real season starter, Archie encourages mad dog to join Riverdale high and then join the football team. We find out the deep and dark truth about Reggie mantle’s dad and how he has corrupted Reggie. Lastly, we find out about the farmies, season 3 ended it off with Alice Cooper being missing with the rest of the farmies. Betty finds out her mother is an FBI agent and is working alongside her half brother Charles. Charles is a pretty big part of this season and getting to know him and his job is too. Well, it wouldn’t be a teen drama without Romance. Bughead (Jundhead and Betty) is going strong, Betty encourages Jughead to go to stonewall prep, to pursue his interest in writing. Varchie ( Veronica and Archie) alongside being a power couple they are also business partners. Veronica funding Archies soon to be nursing home. Lastly, Choni(Cheryl and Toni)is on top of this world but not until Toni finds out that Cheryl is keeping her dead brother in a cell and talking to him as if he was alive.