by Akshat Ambekar

Pokémon Legends Arceus (pronounced R – Kee – Uhs) is the newest generation of Pokémon. The turn-based fights of old take a backseat to a new open-world “Breath of The Wild” style of gameplay in this new generation of gaming.

The game has you sent to the distant past of a region with connections to the locations of 3 previous games. The land they call Hisiu is a combination of 3 different locations into one. 

As you start the game, the god of pokemon Arceus speaks to you, saying to gather all the 242 pokemon of Hisui and he shall speak with us again. In Shakespearean English of course. (THOU ART FIND ALL THEE POKÉMON AND THOU SHALT FIND THEE AGAIN.)You are left with an Arc-Phone of the future and the clothes on your back as you fall out of the sky.

You are woken up by a professor named Laventon and his three pokémon, Cyndaquill, Rowlet, and Oshawott. When the professor’s Pokémon flee he hands you 50 PokéBalls, a brand-new invention that captures Pokémon and keeps them trapped inside, preventing them from fleeing, and asks your help with catching them. You capture all three of his Pokémon with the PokéBalls, which was an unexpected feat at the time.

You are then brought to a town called Jubilife, a location in the Sinnoh games, but when it was in the past. Once there, professor Laventon urges you to join the Galaxy Team, a group dedicated to keeping the village safe with medicinal, survey, security and construction corps. You join the Survey Corps.

Depending on the gender you picked you either met Rei (male) or Akari (female) and the Commander of the Corps, Cyllene. You have to pass a trial to earn full membership (which makes sense as you fell out of the sky)  and you choose between Professor Laventons 3 Pokémon to accompany you as your partner. After passing the training wheels come of

(Opinions Here)

From the experience I’ve had with the game, I can only spot 2 major flaws. The first is the feeling of it being rushed. Many times they had to cut back in order not to animate certain segments (if this is because they had a deadline to meet and if they didn’t they would face consequences that would explain it). 

The other is the art style. The game’s sky, Pokémon and distant areas look phenomenal however, when you’re running around the trees and grass around you don’t seem natural. The sky has a hyper visualized art style and if that art style was used for the rest of the game’s environment it would improve the feel of the world.

However even these complaints are minor and the game is extremely fun, purely because of its nature of being open world. Being able to encounter hordes of Pokémon in ponds are seeing bird Pokémon fly to attack you feels so much more natural than the very strategy based nature of the other Pokémon games.

The Story of this game is also quite interesting and without giving too much away. There are 3 major factions, the diamond & pearl clans and the galaxy team. You are a part of the galaxy team and you work with the diamond and pearl clans in the events of the story. This is the origin story for the Sinnoh region and the different clans believe that it was created either by Dialga (diamond clan) god of time or Palkia (pearl clan) the goddess of space. 

There is a lot more that can be said  about the story but I’ll just say this. The fact I care about the story of the game, the first time in Pokémon history I can truly say that, should speak wonders about how well it’s written. In other Pokémon games the story is just a 10 year old single handedly destroying numerous evil organizations whereas in this game the story is a lot more nuanced and real.


My personal opinion and experience playing the game.

Akshat Ambekar is a person who loves to play music, video games and read. He likes to talk about many different topics like science, geography, and geopolitics. He likes to swim however isn't that good at it but it is his only real sport hobby.


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