by Aahana Khemani

Lockdown has not only stolen our sanity but also our mental health! Staring at our laptop screens’ for a million hours is not healthy! By the end of lockdown, we are going to become fat, get spectacles, have an attitude change, and probably a mental sickness! Lucky for you, here are a few ways you can prevent these terrifying things. 

Spectacles can be a pain sometimes! Take it from someone who wears them. To prevent getting them, eat lots of carrots and almonds. They can really help strengthen your eyes and push spectactacles away! Another thing is to wash your eyes every 30 minutes. This will clean them and also give them a break! Last but not least, if your eyes are feeling super puffy and are paining a lot, do the common cucumber hack! Cut cucumber and put it on your eyes for 10 minutes. While your eyes are resting so should you! Trust me it actually helps. There’s nothing like resting in between stressful zoom classes! 

Sometimes, working on your screen can make you a serious grouch! I’ve experienced it. The constant staring at your screen can cause your mind to just blank out and get irritated at everything. Honestly, to avoid this in these times is just to use your screen as less as possible and take breaks frequently. You can have a nice walk around your house, talk to your family etc… And of course, do something you like (ex. Sing, paint, play football, dance etc…) 

Don’t want a huge belly? Don’t worry, I can relate! The best thing you can do to keep fat away is exercise! Make sure you’re working out. You can search up many online fitness programs. Here are some exercises that you can do at home! Alongside keeping physically fit, it is super important to have a good diet. Make sure you consume healthy food and less or no junk. This can not only keep fat away but can strengthen your immune system. Another important thing is to sleep well. Make sure you get your sleep! 

Hope these pointers helped! Some of them may not sound fun, but they help! You can always find more tips and tricks online. You can also talk to people to find out what they do. There are also a lot of courses, webinars, live videos that help you keep fit! Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms have great online workshops. Check them out!