By Advvay Ahuja

Rick Riordan is one of many known authors. He writes mostly on Greek Mythology which is basically Greek myths. He has written several book series which are famous like Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, etc. The series I like most is Percy Jackson.

In the series Percy learns that he is a demigod and he goes on quests to save his world from destruction. His fate is that he will reach 16 and destroy or save Olympus ( the city of the Gods) .

His books are always full of adventure and suspense. When you read them you just can’t put the book down. It always feels like something exciting is going to come next. When he was young he wrote a lot of stories so he was a good writer. He had a son who always wanted bedtime stories about Greek gods but Rick ran out of myths so he came up with his own myth. Rick Riordan implemented his own sarcasm and sense of humor on the hero Percy. 

I strongly recommend Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. It’s about Percy going on a quest to be impenetrable. He then goes with his friends to Manhattan to fight the Titan Kronos’s army. He wins and manages to save everybody. Percy is a great character and is very brave. The passionate boy would do anything to save his friends.

It is a book full of excitement and stuff you would never expect. I know that many of my friends read the book and they all loved it. In my opinion the book shows a great sense of bravery and persistence. The book is written with great passion.

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