By Aahana Khemani and Arjun Mehrotra

Technology has been playing a role in multiple different fields and areas. As diverse as the arts, sports, science, or even math! Journalism is a profession that has been greatly impacted by technology. This can be said in terms of printing and publishing physical newspapers, or even having it reach out to more people via the internet. A form of technology, an application to be specific, that has really made a mark in journalism history is Substack. 

Substack is an online platform that allows customers to send digital newsletters and monetize them. It has more than 250,000 paying customers. Substack’s top 10 publishers together bring in a revenue of $7 million, annually. In this article we will be exploring the impact that Substack has had on society, focusing on its influence on independent journalism. 

Substack is one of the world’s biggest sites that focuses on independent journalism, where authors can publish their own work without having to be part of an organization. It allows you to create your own articles and newsletters and gives you your own domain. There are thousands of topics that people write about, from breaking news to their own personal opinions on things like food and movies.

Traditional “newspaper” publishers have also been changing in the past few years. During the pandemic, Substack saw its number of writers increase as more than 30,000 media jobs got cut. Substack and other sites became great ways to receive news. They found that they would get a more wide variety of topics from many other independent authors. “Traditional” journalism has changed into a much wider category where people can simply log on to a site and learn about so much more through many other perspectives. Learning more than just the plain facts which we get from the internet.

While online journalism may not be preferable for all, it definitely has multiple 

In conclusion, Substack has definitely changed the world of journalism for many individuals who enjoy writing and expressing their opinions! 

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