by Aahana Khemani

Bihar, a state in India has been impacted by COVID-19 like many other. As of 8th February 2021, the recovery rate in Bihar touched a whopping 99.09%! The total number of COVID-19 infected patients became 2,61,299. Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar said that Bihar will provide free vaccination to the citizens of the entire state! 

The provision was over a political poll. While releasing the BJP parties’ Bihar election proclamation, Nirmala Sitharaman, finance minister of India, stated that free vaccines would be provided to the citizens of Bihar. Other parties such as Congress threatened to hit the streets if the BJP failed to deliver their claims in their poll manifesto. 

This initiative does have multiple positive effects. First of all, the vaccinations have a promising chance of curing a majority of COVID-19 patients. It will also save citizens of Bihar from spending too much money and provide a free treatment, hopefully, if the vaccination alone works throughout. Furthermore, considering the COVID-19 recovery rate in Bihar as of early February, 2021, it seems as if the COVID 19 pandemic is declining in Bihar and therefore, as many vaccinations will not be needed, saving the government on having to spend too big of a budget on free vaccination. 

In conclusion, this initiative can definitely have a positive effect on its citizens, while being comparatively budget friendly, as analysed as of 8th February, 2021. Hopefully, the recovery rate comparatively increases worldwide, minimizing and ultimately majorly declining the COVID-19 pandemic!