What war next?

Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is simply the pause of conflict. And even though it, it seems like our country and its neighbouring countries are at peace, it really isn’t. According to me, India and Pakistan are the two countries that will revolt against each other. These two developing countries have been at war forever- starting from the first day India and Pakistan got separated.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is simply the pause of conflict.

There was the 1947 Indo-Pak, following that there was the 1965 war, and the 1999 Kargil War, so on and so forth. There was the biggest terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008, which was headed by a Pakistani group. The most recent conflict is the ongoing annexation of Kashmir. Pakistan has been wanting to claim Kashmir since 1954. There is another small economical reason for wanting to go to war.

Yes, I know, you are wondering what proof do I have for this, and the truth is I really don’t, because I have based this whole article on my predictions and understanding of economics. There are already so many reasons these two countries would want to go to war. One like; right now India’s economy is at a higher growth rate, which could easily anger the Pakistani and they could claim war on us. There is another possibility though. India could at this point think that it has a better economy, and it would want to declare war on Pakistan. It would do so because it knows that Pakistan would lose and wants to gain more power in the world.

I think over time, this will turn into a war between the major powers of the world as India will turn to Russia and USA for help and Pakistan will turn to China for help. Why I think that India will turn to Russia and USA is because they have had a long history of friendship. Russia and India have been in companionship for years. They have a long history of strong strategic, military, economic and diplomatic relations. In October 2000, Putin and Prime Minister Atul Bihari Vajpayee signed an agreement called the ‘Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership’. This set the tone for development in the bilateral relations of the two countries. These two countries also set a target for $30 billion in the trade by 2025. So if India is to go to war with Pakistan, Russia will for sure help India, so that their target is not in any way harmed. Having a country like Russia n India’s side will really give them a booster because after the US it is the world’s largest global power.

Coming to the USA and India. They have a very intriguing friendship. These two countries are not enemies nor are they best friends. The USA has started recognising India as an “emerging global power”. In addition to that, the United States was very good allies with Pakistan, but now the US has realised that most of the terrorism that happens in the US, has been originated from Pakistan. Even though the US doesn’t love the idea of India… but the probability is that it would support India over Pakistan.

But one thing to look at is that Russia and USA are major powers of the world, but both of them can’t stand each other. These two countries have been at each other’s throats for years. And it is a big question whether both of them will help the same country and fight being on the same side? What I predict is that the USA will help anonymously by supplying ammunition and weapons. Whereas, Russia will help India in this war up front, in the actual fighting of the war.

Now let’s look into why Pakistan will seek help from China. This relation dates back to 1950 when Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognise the People Republic of China regime in mainland China. And as you know Indo-Sino relations aren’t the best. The small conflict with Doklam, the 1962 Indo-Sino war, are all indicators that China will do anything to go against India in a war. These two countries are also two of the most developing countries in the world, and each of them would go to any cost to destroy the other. India and China are as mentioned before… developing countries and major economic powers, but both of them have been competing for years to be above the other. Thus, you see China would any day help Pakistan to defeat India which could help China become a bigger global power than India.

In conclusion, I prognosticate that in the future, a major Indo-Pak war will occur again and soon will turn into World War Z. However, no matter what this article says, there are always exceptions…

Sakshi Kale is in the 8th grade. One of her prominent hobbies is dancing. She has been dancing her whole life and has been focusing only on Odissi for the past 8 years. She has a great aptitude for music and drama as well. She also enjoys writing essays. She can’t sing but plays the piano beautifully. Along with all of this, she is learning kickboxing. She has fun when everyone is together and united. She is a big feminist and feels strongly for gender equality. She also stands actively for the LGBTQ+ community.