By Siya Aggarwal and Mihika Kapoor

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is an annual festival which is nine days long. Over the course of these 9 days, artists from all over Mumbai convene at Kalaghoda Colaba to celebrate the wonder of art. 

Every year there is a school instalment made by students of that same school. This year thanks to Mihika Kapoor our very own school will be taking an active part in the annual Kala Ghoda Art Festival Children’s Installation 2020. This year, the festival’s theme is ‘The Dot.’ 

The theme seems rather open-ended and it could be interpreted in almost any way. The Visual arts teachers have come up with a splendid idea that captures the collective individuality and uniqueness that our diverse community represents. Our teachers have taken this project a step further and ensured that not only will our final artwork represent our individuality as a school community but in a way reflect the intermingling of people belonging to different cultures.

By now, I’m sure you’re rather curious as to what masterpiece we’d produce as a community, that could depict such an abstract idea. Since the KGAF Children’s Installation is supposed to celebrate the artwork created by children, our community’s collaboration is crucial for the completion of such a massive project. Several grades across MYP and PYP will be painting pebbles using an array of acrylic paints that will finally be assembled together on a dome-like-structure. Since our project looks at the global interactions between cultures, our students will paint using dot-related-art forms, such as Aboriginal art (from Australia), Madhubani (India) and Gond (Adivasi Indian tribes). The following images show a few examples of the art styles we will be using:

 Each student can exercise their creative thinking skills, and design/paint 3-5 of their own pebbles using one of the three styles mentioned previously. Once mounted on the dome structure, all of the pebbles from afar will look like tiny ‘Dots’ coming together to create a masterpiece. 

The purpose of this idea is to show how people can come together, through a non-verbal form of communication (art) to create a beautiful art piece. We’d also be nodding towards our marvellous interdependent society through our promotion of unity in diversity. As students, we are individuals who’ll grow to learn the importance of using their agency for creating a positive impact on the world around us. 

By participating in this wonderful opportunity, students will get exposure to various artist and student perspectives through this collaborative process. Through interaction with different art forms from different cultures, students will get to practice their empathetic skills and work towards being more rounded and caring individuals. Along with that, by participating in this event as a school, we’d get to showcase our student’s amazing talent. 

Any and everybody can take part in this initiative. If you have any interest in art and introducing ascend to the art world please contact Mihika Kapoor (head) or Siya Aggarwal (Coordinator) from grade 10 or Ms Saumya herself. This can be viewed as a service opportunity for students who are looking for a service project.

The only requirements are to put at least 3 hours of work per week until the project is completed. These time requirements can be met during available times during school hours or after school on Mondays and/or Friday. 

We encourage you all to take part in this initiative, do reach out to us!

A collection of stories written by the students of Ascend International School!