By Nirvaan Sekhsaria

India has been in favor of themed luxury houses and finally, there is one. The first themed house brings luxury from Paris and classic French luxury. Kanakia Paris is built for people who need homes at an affordable price. The luxury is very minimal because of the building structure, they are not able to give all the facilities and the living style is different and due to the location of the Building. They have built the building in the middle of a slum area which has its own disadvantages. 

The building of Kanakia Paris is managed with a team, they have a room only for the management team because if anything is wrong a person can contact the room and they will go to their apartments and check, or vice versa. The building has different amenities so things as a gym, pool, and more. Limiting the user’s experience and variety of options to choose from/use. 

Lodha is a competitor because they sell houses with higher rates of charge, though they have more amenities such as swimming pools, running tracks, basketball courts/football fields, and a spa. The Lodha has more amenities and things to do like a private theatre, Grand Ballroom, Dance and yoga studio and they have a cricket ground. The overall look and feel of the Lodha buildings are on par with London, compared to kanakia Paris which is not designed to look like buildings in Paris.  

Lodha is basically for people who need to spend more money to get the full package such as with all the amenities and the luxury of London which is small rooms and living rooms. The size would vary through the full apartment in Lodha because sometimes their living rooms are the size of a small room. People in London don’t mind the space inside their rooms because they are outside their house throughout the day. 

I have been researching and interviewing people about kanakia paris and why it was built and other reasons. Kanakia Paris is a building that was made on a slum site and there has been another building being built for the slum residences that their slum got broken into. The management team of Kanakia Paris said ”The Building is part of a contract with a famous former football player called Zinedine Zidane for marketing purposes.” (Paris, Kanakia. “Kanakia Paris.” Kanakia Group: Real Estate Developer in Mumbai, India, Kanakia Paris ,

Kanakia Paris is about 3 and a half years old. Since then the reviews are quite the quality for a building that gives the paris quality. The building has apartments with about 90sqm – 100sqm. They are almost in the middle of all the restaurants and other places. Some restaurants are less than 2km away, a railway station is just 4km’s away, there are other hotels just 2km’s away and the banks are just 1.5km away. 

Though the building is also surrounded by a slum area and a school which can create so much noise. The building’s parking area is quite big as shown in the image below. As Arvind Yadav a security guard in Kanakia Paris said “We keep security guards outside the gate but without the guard clothes, so people do not recognise them.” Due to the Slums, the security guards or any type of security has to be careful, many bad things can happen such as spreading new diseases/viruses such as Covid-19 and more. 

The slums sometimes don’t have drainage so all the water and all has to be thrown outside of the slums or now outside their buildings. There is a SRA building right next to Kanakia Paris, the building has at least 5-6 floors for slum rehabilitation to live in.

Recently there was a fire in the basement of the building, Ms Deboleena a teacher at Ascend International School said “the cause of the fire was a machine that was used to do something, the fire alarm was not working at that time so when they all had to come down they had to call each and every flat and tell them on the phone to come down.” The fire was very minor. The fire brigade could extinguish the fire quickly, because it was caused by small hand machines.


  1. Customer First
  2. Team Work
  3. Integrity
  4. Discipline
  5. Creativity & Innovation
  6. Continuing Self-Development

The group is also working in the CSR field and some things they are doing are old age support, education support and medical support.

Old age is an age where the heart of a person wants to enjoy life like a kid but sometimes their health stops them from doing so. Also, there are few people who end up living alone. To keep their heart as fresh & happy as a kid, we would like to provide them with all the basic necessities. Whether it is healthcare, finance or food we are here to stand by the old people for all they need. To see these people happy and healthy with our help will motivate us to work with more enthusiasm.

Health problems are uninvited situations of life, small or big every problem is painful. Sometimes unavailability of funds can lead to testing times. Many people in our nation end up on the death bed as they cannot afford the treatment for their diseases. We are trying our best to make sure that people are equipped to deal with adversity. 

We will provide all the necessary help to the needy, right from the funds to the treatments and medicines. We will also arrange for medical camps for people who cannot afford a medical check-up. Health camps will be arranged across the nation at different locations so that even tribal people get access to medical services. In addition to this, if you undergo any treatment on your own, we have a reimbursing policy available. We, as a brand, believe in giving a helping hand to bring in good health and happiness in one’s life.

Today, education is the need of the hour and as many children are unable to achieve it, the country is heading towards illiteracy. To eliminate illiteracy and for the progress of our society, it is high time we take necessary steps. We will give the wings of education to the children who wish to get educated but are unable to do so because of their financial conditions. We will fulfill all their educational needs by funding their education fees, books, stationary, etc. We as a brand empower those in need by taking care of their educational needs, thus ensuring a progressive society.

Over three decades ago, Kanakia Group began its operations on a simple promise – to build large excellent buildings that went beyond bricks and cement; large excellent buildings that rested on pillars of just and principled values, and held strong long after a sale was made. And that is exactly what Kanakia is known for. Integrity to honour every commitment. 

They have different amenities such as swimming pools, gym, spa and a squash court for different residents to come and use or play on the courts. The amenities have a standard in India and in other countries to have a swimming pool and some courts or an area to walk and play. Kanakia Paris has an eiffel tower and an Arc de Triomphe to show the beauty of Paris but smaller. 

This building has different sized apartments all the way from 1 BHK to 2 and 4 BHK’s. There is a contract that is signed with a former french footballer called Zinedine Zidane for marketing purposes. 

Today, Kanakia Group is a diverse business group spanning sectors such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Education.(Kanakia paris website). 

At Kanakia, innovation is a mindset. They strive to create structures that become a benchmark in spaces. During the development of the group they have developed over 14.6 million sq. ft. of residential, commercial, entertainment, education and industrial spaces. In 1997, the group forayed into cinema exhibition under the brand name Cinemax, redesigning single-screen theatres into technologically advanced multiplexes for more luxurious viewing experiences for this modern world.

With an interest to promote social progress, in 2002, they ventured into the field of education with RBK Education Institution. To date, the group has six schools across Mumbai and Gujarat, offering the best-in-class infrastructure, and an advanced approach to teaching methodology.

In 2010, the group launched Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, marking its entry into Hospitality. This hotel, within a short span of time, has earned the reputation of being one of the leading Business Hotels in Mumbai. Today, we operate three hotels across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Goa.

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