by Tara Hebbar and Diya Barmecha

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, 5th January, four fishermen were supposedly sunk after their boat withstood a lot of damage. They were ultimately saved by a 19-year-old and his drone. The main reason for this damage was the high tide in the sea at the time. There were rescue attempts conducted by 80 other fishermen but they were all in vain. These fishermen between the ages of 50-60 went out to sea at 4 am. There was worry all across the Nattika beach in Thrissur. This was an unlikely incident.  

19 year old Devang Subil heard about the situation since he was on the beach as well and approached the rescue team and fishermen about using his drone to locate the missing fishermen. He was instantaneously dismissed by them due to it being considered a “serious situation,” and the drone considered “a children’s toy.” Little did they know, this “children’s toy” would help save 4 lives. When the MLA, Geetha Gopi became aware of his idea, however, she considered it a great one and found a way to get Devang on a rescue boat along with his drone. 

The first fisherman was clinging onto a fishing pot when the drone caught sight of him, the other two were just 300 meters away. He was able to locate them using the drones camera that displayed the feed on his phone. The fourth one, however, was rescued last and was on the verge of drowning with exhaustion once they had reached him. He lost consciousness minutes after his rescue. The fishermen were afloat on the sea by hanging onto plastic buckets and tanks. The four fishermen are at a hospital in Thrissur receiving their needed treatments. After this successful search mission, the Kerala Fishing Boat Operator’s Association said that it was the first time a drone was used to save fishermen and they would like to deploy some drones in case of other emergencies like this one. Subil added to this by saying, “It is a cheap medium of rescue. Usually we press helicopters and speed boats into service for such search operations. But this is very cost effective.”

The MLA, Geetha Gopi stated, “We salute the youngster whose timely intervention saved four lives. He showed us how new innovations can help save lives. I have already approached the government with a suggestion to honour him.” 

This instance is just one of several that indicates the growing presence of technology in our lives. Even though it is often criticized, this is an example of how it can be used to save lives. While technology does have its pros and cons, when technology is used right, it can get humanity access to experiences, and sights which couldn’t be dreamed of before. It can be utilized to give so many better lifestyles and provide many with opportunities far beyond their reach, at one point. We should search for situations like this, which make us realize not only the power of technology but also the power of human kindness.

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School