by Vir Kamath

Ragging is the term used for the so-called “initiation ritual” practiced in higher education institutions in South Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Ragging might just seem like normal bullying and you may not tend to think much about it but it is really dangerous, especially for college students and in this article, I will be explaining why Ragging is so dangerous and why it needs to be stopped urgently.

A 19-year-old girl committed suicide this month after being constantly ragged by her college mates. She was an IIT student ( Indian Institute of Technology ) and she worked extremely hard to get in the IIT because one the best of the best could get admissions. She worked on the college degree. In her college were a group of evil and dark-headed men who showed hatred and disrespect towards women and ragged multiple and did the same with her. They claimed that they were senior to her and she should do whatever they say. They also said that if she complained to the police, they would kill her parents. This continued for long and it even got to the point where she was sexually harassed and she couldn’t take it anymore. One fine day she wrote a message to her parents saying that she loved them and she was on board a train to the college. She did not want to go to college because she was constantly ragged and did not want to live anymore. In the middle of the ride, she jumped off the train, fell over the tracks and got run over by another train and eventually died. She committed suicide. It is really sad to see that hundreds of students are ragged and meet the same fate as her every day. May her soul rest in peace. 

After reading this article you will probably understand why ragging is so dangerous. What’s even more shocking is that women are not the only victims of ragging but so are men. In terms of committing suicide, India is the number one country. More students in India die of suicide than of the disease. That means that there is definitely something wrong. And ragging plays a serious role in this statistic. Looking at this girls example, we must take into account that ragging is an issue that needs to be stopped, in the picture above that placard is signed by thousands of college students and marks that they want to stop this as well. Together we must come up with a solution to stop ragging before it’s too late. 

Vir Kamath is a 10th grader who enjoys sports, movies and current affairs. He is particularly passionate about global politics as a whole but loves to make do with Indian politics as well. He believes in honesty and friendship are his guiding principles to be a better human being. He also believes that the Ascent can make him a better and more diverse person by expressing himself through writing!