by Aryaah Lodha

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of India’s best cricket players has had a poor performance in the IPL this season. Because of this, his 5 year old daughter, Ziva Dhoni has been receiving rape threats. This outraged hundreds of thousands of people, including myself. Many Celebrities like Ranganathan Madhavan and Irfan Pathan have spoken out on this matter and are demanding justice for Ziva. The person sending these rape threats was a teenager, was 16 years old. Regardless of age, no one should ever even have the thought that it is right to do something like this. The tweet from the user “troll M.S dhoni” was giving Ziva rape and death threats. The threats were sent on Sakshi Dhoni, (M.S Dhoni’s wifes) Instagram account, which caused her to limit comments on all of her social media profiles/platforms. Just because somebody didn’t perform to your expectations is utterly no reason to give RAPE threats to anyone. There is never a reason to give rape threats. This has to stop. Clearly, 5 year old girls, or even children,  are no exception to the sickening things going on in today’s world. 

The levels that social media is stooping to these days is absolutely disgusting. People think that with fake and anonymous accounts, they can do anything and get away with it. Thankfully, The Ranchi Police were quick to take action against this, and managed to get the boy who had issued the threats. “We detained him for questioning after Ranchi police informed us that the accused hails from Mundra in Kutch district. We have confirmed that the boy is the same who had posted the message.” are the words of a Ranchi Police officer working on the case. The mentality of many teenagers in India is clearly not in the right place, and this has been reflected through acts such as this which are truly revolting. However, Ziva is not the only one getting rape threats, such as the twins of Karan Johar have recieved numerous threats for rape, death and abuse. The things that children have to go through at such a young age are so repulgent and gross.

You can help by signing petitions like this, which have managed to get almost 160,000 signatures, which is addressed to the government of India to have bigger consequences and forces to help get justice for those who need it. Let’s help make India a better place! Together we must all come together and protest to help the thousands of people with no voice get their deserved justice. 

#StopRape #SafeIndia #JusticeForAll