By Aahana Khemani 

Debate has become an extremely popular activity, be it between politic definers, or academic achievers. There are over thousands and thousands of people who debate all for different reasons! Other than serving as a great hobby, debate also has multiple other benefits which we will be exploring. 

Research is one of the key factors when it comes to debating. In my opinion, without research, the debate becomes extremely dry. In order to make it challenging for the opponent, debaters have to research. With research comes a lot more knowledge, so naturally you learn more while taking part in debates. 

One of the other benefits of debate is a great increase in communication skills. While defending your affirmative side, and delivering your points, it is very important to communicate well. Debating opens boundaries and gets you out of your comfort zone when it comes to communicating with others!

Last but definitely not least, debate increases confidence and self esteem. Research shows that debaters have 15% higher self esteem. By the constant affirmation needed in your team and side of the debate, you tend to gain more confidence and self esteem in what you’re saying. In order to be a master at whatever you do, it is extremely important to have a high self esteem and high confidence, which is something debating can help with. 

In conclusion, debate is a great activity and has multiple benefits! It is a very important skill that is quite required in various aspects of life, whether you decide to become the president of a country, or a salesperson.