By Diya Barmecha

The dictionary definition of a college is, “An educational institution or establishment.” Some students who have a start-up plan or have business proposals, go to college to get exposure and get a feeling of independence from their homely nature. They learn how to fend for themselves and how to provide for themselves. Entrepreneurs go to college because it is expected of them. It is expected for everyone to go to college.

“Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack,”

Brandon Sanderson

“Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them the more likely they were to crack,” said Brandon Sanderson, an inspiring science fiction author. When you expect every student to go to college, you expect them to get a job and to lead a typical ‘successful life. The job application process can be completed only if you have recommendations and degrees. To get a successful job you need your college life to show the world that you are a promising applicant. However, not everyone needs a job. Many need a start-up plan, this knowledge can be minimally acquired in a college experience. A start-up plan can be successful when you have experienced how these entrepreneurship work. To understand that, you need the exposure, to get the exposure you need to intern with companies. Internships teach you more than colleges if you want to start a new business. College is a database filled with knowledge, a database where mistakes have been done and you are learning from these mistakes. Interning is experiencing these mistakes and learning from them, there and then. 

The reasons for going to colleges have changed. From education to exposure to getting a sense of independence. It is not mandatory for everyone to go to college. An HBSC survey shows why parents want their children to go to college. 51% to choose successful careers, while 49% choose happiness in life, 33% identified a healthy lifestyle, 22% wanted them to earn enough for a comfortable life and 17% rated fulfilling their children’s potential as the ultimate goal. I will say that it is mandatory to do something after your school life. Something for yourself, it may be studying or experimenting or acting. Many professions don’t require a college experience but just a mature experience. 

Diya Barmecha is a current 11th-grader who loves to inspire. She loves to read and discover new genres of books. She enjoys reading news articles when they concern her interests. She hopes to find a medium of expression by the Ascent.