by Ayanna Puri And Pritha Nag

Since the beginning of time, racism has been a huge struggle. While our world has grown and become more accepting, there are still very clear examples that still show that racism is present in our world. One area where racism has been prevented, and where it still is, is South Africa.

Since the beginning of time, the biggest inequality was with the blacks and the whites. Whites would always be considered superior to blacks and get more respect, and better opportunities than them. Once South Africa got colonized, they were taken a hostage in their own country. They got colonized by Portugal, Great Britain, France, Germany and several more. Once colonized, they ruled the country. South Africa had amazing crops, cattle, and gold, which made it easy for the whites to make them blacks slaves. Work for them, and then trade it off. It was cruel, and several people looked down upon it.  This is how we have freedom fighters. But did they die for nothing? 

Apartheid was very much present during South Africa’s darkest times. Apartheid arguably is still present. Apartheid was the way whites (in South Africa), segregated themselves from blacks. Over 50 rules were put in place to cause the segregation, and many were infuriated by this. The name apartheid says so much. When translated in South African, it directly translates to “apartness”. Apartheid was active from1948- 1994. But things didn’t just end instantly. It was gradual, and the transition back to normal is still in the process. The system did get dismantled, due to the numerous freedom fighters, protests and other countries shaming South Africa. 

The main reason apartheid was present was because of the government. The NP party (National Party), went on from 1914-1997 until they were banned. It first rose to power on June 4th, 1944 and went till May 9th, 1994. The NP accepted these rules and allowed the separation to pass. However the other party the ANC (African National Congress), which was run by Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, and others. They had a non-violent tactic, and would never back down till apartheid ceased to exist. They still didn’t back down when Nelson Mandela went to jail, and all their fighting paid off. 

While our world was becoming more accepting, South Africa wasn’t changing. This outraged several countries, and powerful countries as well. South Africa was banned from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the international committee banned South Africa, from competing due to apartheid. In 1970 the ICC voted to suspend South Africa from the cricket world cup, due to their government policies. In 1991 they were allowed back in. Many countries and strong figures frowned upon South Africa, and they were not shy to show it. This is partly some of the reason Apartheid went, they were being isolated. 

Although we are in a very accepting era, if we keep going in with mindsets that are judgemental, we are not going to help out in any way, shape or form. But if we go in with the mindset that we are the new generation, we are more accepting and have been brought up in the digital age. An age where you can be yourself and not feel judged, an age where we can judge each other not by our looks or race, but by our true colors. We are the new generation and we can leave an impact. Something that will be remembered and other generations can follow after.

Be the change you want to see!

Mahathma Gandhi
A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School