by Naina Sharma

Frozen 2, the sequel to the incredible movie Frozen released on Friday, 22 November. The much-awaited sequel to Frozen shows Elsa beckoned by a “secret siren”, whose sound leads her on an adventure through Enchanted Forest and to the River Ahtohallan to learn the difficult truth about her beloved kingdom Arendelle’s past, accompanied by her sister Anna. 

Frozen 2, and Frozen, while they both are very well crafted films, most people liked them because they were very different from Disney’s usual princess and prince charming stories. Of course, the story still does have love, but relationships are not the main plot behind the story. Unlike Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and other classics, Frozen is based more around the love between family and friends, rather than the usual hero saving the damsel in distress. 

The movies show how the two sisters face their problems together, and they keep sacrificing themselves for the other because they love each other so much. Although Ana does have a relationship with Kristoff, that is definitely not the main plot of the story. Frozen 2 especially shows how Elsa and Ana have built a family out of what little they have left, and how they just hold on to that family, as it’s something they have to fight for, and it brings them together. 

Another reason the movies were such big hits, was because they were some of Disney’s only movies that had the girl as the hero. Similar to other films like Moana, Pocahontas, and Mulan, the man is not saving everyone, its women, which of course, as times are changing and women are gaining more power in the world, makes the movie relate to our modern universe. Elsa, one of the main female leads, is a very strong and powerful character. And I mean that literally. She has a very unique power of controlling ice and water. She is capable of helping her kingdom and has shown that by saving and protecting it time and time again, without the help of a male lead. 
The movie has really inspired many young women all over the world, by making them feel like they have power, and it has shown women how to be independent in life.

Women can do something. They can help people, it’s not that they always need someone there to do it for them. It shows how you can really be independent and use your life to help the greater good.

Naina Sharma is a eighth grader at Ascend International School. Some of her passions include, singing, writing, and fashion. She is dedicated to her work, and likes to be organised, and have nothing out of place. She loves to learn and try new things. In her free time, you would probably find her engrossed in a new book she picked up at the library. She writes for the Ascent because she wants to voice her opinion on a larger scale.