by Amaara Chadda

What we consider disabilities in people are actually different abilities. People mainly consider disabilities of two kinds, mental and physical. Mostly when people see others with physical disabilities they feel sorry for them. And if it is a mental disability they consider them weak and not intelligent, however, in most cases this is not true.

I think our weaknesses are our strengths, let me tell you why. I find that most people with different abilities strive to be independent and can do things on their own. I have seen people in wheelchairs drive cars and even participate in sporting events around the world such as the paralympics, become famous intellectuals, artists and inspirational speakers. To name a few Steven Hawking, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Vujicic and Stevie Wonder.

Another point I would like to add is that differently abled people may lack certain abilities but make up for them in interesting ways. People who suffer from dyslexia normally have heightened creativity, see the big picture, are great visual thinkers and have great spatial knowledge. Autistic people tend to be able to memorise and learn information very early and quickly, are precise and detail oriented, have great memories and aim for perfection and order.

Different abilities are what make people unique. They need to be looked at positively as strengths as when encouraged can lead to great success and growth both for the individual and society. Let’s look at what we call a disability a different ability.

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School