By Priyadarshini Piramal

In the Ascend community, we have discussed how everyone should be treated equally with gender, hobbies, judging, classmates and so much more from an early age. However, something else that I was very interested in was popularity. In a school/community, there are always 2 kinds of people, the ones who are in the limelight and the ones who hide in the shadows. Being popular can impact a person in many ways, some might take is an opportunity to illtreat others but some might take it as a way to make more friends and invite more people to be their friends. Either way, it can take many forms. Even when people have support from friends and are not all alone it can really affect someone.

Now bullies do have feelings as well and problems at home but no one should purposely try to hurt others.

Now bullies do have feelings as well and problems at home but no one should purposely try to hurt others. I have gone through this many times and even worse situations before and it really does feel quite bad. People who are popular and have good intentions to everyone can also hurt others. They give a feeling as if they have everything one can ask for, even if they don’t try to.

Exclusion is something shown in a very significant manner when comes to popularity because people are really divided based on their personalities. A few celebrities have been through this and learnt from their rough times in life to become a stronger and optimistic person. For example Rihanna, Lilly Singh (stylized: iisuperwomanii), Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Dove Cameron and so many more who have more than million fans around this world which is amazing. This community and generation are supposed to be about equality and having fun, not being hurt and feel as if their “not popular” in any way, shape or form. An ideal community would be if everyone was feeling included, all were treated the same and there was no division at all. It is not easy to achieve it but if you try very hard, you will succeed.

The key to happiness is being happy by yourself, and for yourself. – Ellen Degeneres.


A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School