by Shreyan Gorantala

VAR, or Video Assistant Referee, made in 2017, was made to make refereeing easier and help them make better decisions, but in the past week matchdays it has not. This has cost many games and even players for that matter. It also ruins the quality of the game and some even say that it is a riot and some say it supports a few teams. A few even say they don’t have the right technology. Regardless, VAR has disturbed the beautiful game of football.

This season in the premier league, managers, and players are irritated, making them lose points and putting them on a spot they should not be in.

 A few incidents happened like the game went to Manchester United when they faced Brighton at home from a tie game. The full-time whistle blew and then a handball was called by the Manchester United players awarded them a penalty, though they should not have and was scored by the Portugese captain Bruno Fernandes. Another incident happened on Saturday, the 17th of October 2020, when Virgil Van Dijk was fouled and was severely injured by Everton keeper Jordan Pickford. It was an offside and could not be a penalty, but there was a possible action for a red card towards Everton’s keeper, but was not considered. In the same match, Liverpool got a disallowed goal by just a slight margin and many to be considered a goal. VAR robbed Liverpool with a goal and a penalty and a definite red card. Not only that, the star defender for Liverpool, who played 90+ matches in a row will now lose almost the whole season. After the match, former referee Dermot Gallagher (1992-2007) understands the mind of the on field referee Micheal Oliver and what even the VAR referee David Coupe thought. This also occurred in another Manchectser United match, where one of the defenders, Harry Maguire choked Azpelicueta (A player for Chelsea) and when reviewed it was not given a clear penalty. The players objected, but the result was still not a penalty. The match ended up being a goalless match which made Chelsea get 1 point instead of 3. 

VAR  has been affecting many games and will affect many more, but we hope not. Let’s all hope that the beautiful game becomes beautiful again.