by Arjun Mehrotra

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced that he would be going to space earlier this year. After stepping down as CEO of Amazon he announced that he, along with his brother, would fly to space on July 20. 

This is Blue Origin’s first time sending humans to space so the fact that Jeff Bezos is coming on the first trip is a little surprising. He said in an Instagram post that “To see the Earth from space, it changes you”. 

The total flight time will last about 10 minutes, and it will cost millions of dollars for a seat, a price which is likely to decrease in the future. His announcement has been met with mixed reactions, with 150,000 people signing a petition for him to “stay in space”.

Meanwhile, Richard Branson founder of Virgin Group has recently announced that on Jun 11 he too will be going to space, almost 10 days before Bezos. It seems that these two billionaires are competing to go to space. Elon Musk also has an interest in going to space and while SpaceX has sent people to space, he has yet to go himself.

It seems that these billionaires are extremely focused on going to space, maybe too focused in my opinion. Going to space will definitely provide more publicity but are we really ready to be sending humans to space? While companies like SpaceX have been sending people to space for many years, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have not yet undergone the thorough testing that SpaceX has. 

While safety issues are still a worry concerning space travel. These billionaires are quite literally reaching for the stars.

Arjun Mehrotra is a passionate 8th grader excited to be on online platforms. He enjoys coding and reading. His fantasy interests include magic and middle earth. He likes writing and learning about many topics, including science, technology, and entertainment.