By Naina Sharma,

The Nagtibba trip was an amazing experience, all of the students had tons of fun. Nagtibba is a beautiful place with a lot of excitement within it. It was such an exciting trip that 7th and 8th grade took.

All the days were filled with exciting things to do. Although this trip was educational, it also made the 7th and 8th grade grow closer.

We discovered new perspectives on everything around us. We made magical and exciting memories, always to be remembered.

We started our trip with long drives up to the mountains, from where we hiked up to our beautiful destination. Goat Village was a breathtaking place to stay in, with the mountain top views and gorgeous sunsets. The vicinity had no electricity but was a sustainable living area. At the vicinity, we had to be responsible, and help out with certain activities, which were interesting learning experiences.

Our first day was very tiring and filled with work. We were divided into activity teams such as, “Lost Souls”, “M&M’s”, “Chaupas”, and lastly “Motion Sickness”. Our groups were our activity companions, so we all had to work together to complete the activities. Our first two activities were insulating houses with mud, and farming. In the mud activity, everyone had loads of fun splashing and throwing mud on each other. It was amazingly enjoyable, and everyone loved it. Simultaneously, we were all also farming, where we used different soils and other materials to spread into the ground. The activities we did required a lot of teamwork, and that is what brought our grades together. At night, we all came together around a sparking bonfire, playing games and talking, we were so thankful to be in such a beautiful place like this.

Our second day brought us to an exhaustingly fun trek up Nagtibba. We enjoyed the trek immensely, we also learnt many tips on trekking from our guides. What made it more fun was the fact that we played fun games with our teachers, and fellow students. The trek was hard and a few of us fell down countless times. The view around us was unbelievable, clear skies, and beautiful mountains. On our way back, we had to collect herbs, mint, and clean up trash along the way. We ended the night once again with an amazing bonfire.

Our school is very committed to service and helping wherever and whenever we can. Therefore, even our trip was related to service. On our third day, we met kids from the local village in Pantwari, and we interacted with them for the day, getting to know each other. We played many of their local games such as “pithu”, “dog and the bone”, and “tug of war”. All of us had lots of fun, and didn’t want the kids to leave. After this, the girls decided to go near the edge of the vicinity and have a dance party. That day was awesome, and everyone would definitely remember it.

Our last day was probably the best day of the entire trip. We organised a sports day event at the sunset point for the local kids who stayed in Pantwari. We handed out certificates, medals, and overall enjoyed our time with the kids. After the sports day, the local girls brought in costumes for the Ascend girls to dance in, and we performed a cultural dance show.

For our last night at the Goat Village, we sat around a bonfire one last time, playing a game which we all grew to love. After the final “my mans” and “my girls” were said, our trip came to a close. We had an incredible time with our peers, an exciting trip, and we all truly enjoyed being together as a community.

“School trips are always fun, playing games, laughing, talking, helping around, but this trip made us all work hard, play, and be productive at the same time!” – Diya Barmecha

“Our trip to Nagtibaa was fun, exciting and most of all, it was eye-opening. We learned how to live a sustainable life. We participated in activities such as farming, building houses, and cooking using natural resources. We didn’t have electricity or hot water so we really were able to empathize with those in the village. All in all, it was a wonderful and memorable experience.” Manavi Nag


Naina Sharma is a eighth grader at Ascend International School. Some of her passions include, singing, writing, and fashion. She is dedicated to her work, and likes to be organised, and have nothing out of place. She loves to learn and try new things. In her free time, you would probably find her engrossed in a new book she picked up at the library. She writes for the Ascent because she wants to voice her opinion on a larger scale.