by Aahana Khemani, Pritha Nag, Tara Hebbar, Ayanna Puri and Ishita Ambekar

Are you sitting around doing the same thing every day? Watching Netflix? We’re going to save you from “just one more episode” 

  • READ: Pick up an old book you really liked and maybe try re-reading it, if you liked it you’ll probably like it again, and it’s a great way to do so, it is productive while still having fun. You could also read a new book you haven’t thought about. 
  • BOARD GAME: Try playing a board game with your sibling or parents. (board games to play: Monopoly, Snakes and Ladder, Catan, Scrabble, Splendour and more. Online games to play: Psych, Quiz Up etc…) This is a really great way to spend more time with your family and it uses your brain in a really great way. 
  • BUCKET LIST: Make yourself a bucket list of things to do in quarantine. Execute at least one every day! Some fun things that you could add are; to your whole room, cook something awesome etc…
  • COOK OR BAKE: You could try cooking or baking, and it’s shown that cooking can be very relaxing and calming. Here is a Website where you can find things to cook. Here is a website where you can find things to bake.
  • CHORES: Help your household by doing chores! This is a great way to learn things you’re probably going to have to do when you go abroad to study or when you have a household of your own! 
  • JOURNALING: Try journaling. Whatever type of journal would work for you. Scrapbooking, an art journal, bullet journaling a thoughts journal, anything! Just try journaling somethin’, it can help take your mind off things.
  • SCHOOL WORK: Try getting on top of your schoolwork. Take a few extra steps to your schoolwork. Maybe revise, go over your notes. And, you can always reach out to teachers for help.
  • HOBBY: Have you found a hobby yet? If yes, great! Keep practising. If not, what’s a better time to find one? Sing around the house, design outfits, paint canvases, practice dribbling a basketball or kicking a football. 
  • EXERCISE: – Keep fit and healthy by exercising and challenging yourself by doing and trying new things by pushing yourself to work harder. Here is a website for exercises.
  • MASTER A SKILL: Calligraphy, photography and writing, there are so many skills that you can become a master at! Use your time to do this. You can learn from peers, family or even YouTube videos.
  • INSTRUMENT: – If you play an instrument you can use this time to practice it and become great at it. Otherwise, pick up an instrument and learn it. Who knows you may have a hidden talent!
  • ART: Do some art – I’m sure everyone has basic art supplies in their homes, pick these up and create some true masterpieces. Art is also shown to help relax and take away stress and anxiety. 
  • KEEP IN TOUCH: Talk to your friends and family – Since you can’t see them in person, catch up with friends by calling them from various platforms such as hangouts, Whatsapp, regular call, zoom, etc.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Read up on the news each day, take quizzes, know all about things from capitals to phobias. Know the A-Z’s of each and every topic. Surprise your teachers by raising your hand for every question with 100% accuracy.
  • GARDEN: Try making a mini-garden in your room or terrace! Gardening is very relaxing a great way to care for something. 
  • ROOM DECOR: Who doesn’t want to decorate their room? Try making things or putting up old stuff you bought in your room. Maybe print out pictures or hang things around your room, weaver makes you feel happy.  
  • ORGANIZE: This is one thing everybody needs to do at times! Try it out!! Some things you could organise are; your cupboard, drawers, makeup, stationary etc…

In conclusion, you’re lying to yourself when you say that you don’t have anything to do. You do! Use this time well, cause chances are we probably won’t get it again. Use this time well, because you really can! Do something your future self would really appreciate.

A collection of stories written by the students of Ascend International School!