By Arthur F. Beaugeard

The Student Government at Ascend International School consists of the All Middle School Committee, or AMSC, which is in charge of events and acting as a medium between the student body and teachers, and the Judiciary Committee, which enforces the school rules. The AMSC has so far organized several events, including Halloween decorations and the upcoming Oratory Month.

How do the students of Ascend really feel about the Student Government? To assess how students perceived the power of the student government, a survey was conducted utilizing a random sample of 11 students from grades 6-10 as well as 2 teachers. Many percentages repeat in this article because of the small sample size, and the results may not be completely representative of the thoughts and feelings of the student body. 7.7% of respondents were sixth and seventh graders respectively, 15.4% of respondents were eighth and tenth graders respectively while another 15.4% were teachers and 30.8% of respondents were 9th graders.

First, students and teachers alike were asked to assess the power of the Student Government from 1-3. The vast majority rated the student government as having a power of 2 out of 3. While the general consensus among respondents was that there were a lot of passionate, dedicated student politicians, the student government can be shut down or ignored by the teachers at the drop of a hat.

The vast majority of students demonstrated their deep trust in the student government. However, 15.4% of those surveyed, a small minority, said that the student government is a little shady and only half trustworthy, while one of the thirteen respondents possessed no trust in the student government at all. 61.5% of respondents went so far as to declare that the student government was more trustworthy than the national government as two other respondents said that they preferred the national government and one respondent ominously dodged the question, indicating the dangers posed to foreigners disparaging the government in India. 

For the final query of the questionnaire, those surveyed were asked if they believed “the rumours circulating that the Student Government is an administration puppet.” The student government is not a puppet, and this question was implanted to detect distrust of the student government in the minds of individuals who were not inclined to express their controversial views so directly in previous questions. Only 2 out of 13 students believed this lie. 

It appears the vast majority of members of the Ascend community view the student government as a trustworthy organization possessing moderate power. The only question is if the Student Government is worthy of the honour placed on its shoulders.

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