By Aadya Rao,

If you have seen elephants all over Mumbai and wonder why, I’ve got all the answers for you. These elephants are put out in the form of art installations and are open to the Public. They are there for a purpose, which is building 101 corridors. To represent the 101 corridors, there are 101 of them. They are a part of the Elephant Parade which is an event full of these painted beautiful creatures and the event is put together by none other than Elephant Family.

Elephant Family is a British Organization that focuses on protecting the Asian Elephant species from extinction. They have spread this exhibition to far corners of the globe such as London, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bergen, Calais, Bangkok, and our very own Mumbai. It has set a large influence on the city of Mumbai as there have been thousands of people visiting and taking pictures.

There are so many artists working day and night and so many celebrities and people with large platforms, expressing their concerns for the Elephant Parade.

Prince Charles himself is a supporter of this great initiative. The curator of this event, Farah Siddiqui says, “Elephant Parade was the largest public art project in India. We are so thankful to the artists and creatives who brought such a beautiful interpretation for the project. We are grateful for the generous support of Member of Parliament Poonam Mahajan and the Government of Maharashtra. We are overwhelmed with the love the project has received from the public, winning hearts and raising awareness for the plight of this noble endangered species in the most colourful way.” Seeing the outcome of this glorious event, Trustee of the Elephant Family, Ruth Ganesh a.k.a the one behind Elephant Parade India says, “The most joyful and happy surprise was to see just how much the message resonated in India, which was very different to other countries where this exhibition has been put on.

Everybody had their own elephant stories as well as their parents and grandparents tales. The concept of the elephant corridors seemed to be well understood, it was a marvellous sight to see a child who was no more than 8 years old explaining corridors to their mother.” The beautiful creatures were located all over Mumbai, but now no longer. You can always support elephant family by making donations or spreading awareness. Learn more about this noble cause on their website. Let’s support them in putting together 101 corridors and Help the Haathis!