By Manavi Nag & Ishnaa Goenka

The Kerala trip was an amazing experience, we had tons of fun. Kerala is a beautiful state with a lot of diversity within it. It was such an exciting trip that 6th and 7th grade took. All the days were filled with exciting things to do. We were privileged enough to go to ISRO. A space centre that was the Indian equivalent of NASA and home to many successful launches. After this we made tour very own gliders. We drove to Alleppey. An absolutely gorgeous area where we road around a lake in a house boat for 3 hours taking in the stunning view. We watched one of the most spectacular dances I have ever seen, Kathakali. It was a beautiful story being told through dancing and facial expressions.

The drives were so scenic and the view made everyone stare at the window. In Munnar we got a tour of the tea plantation and the factory where it was processed and made into tea. We did tea tasting and the whole experience was fascinating. The day was adventure day, we fixed tents, did kayaking, sorbing, tree climbing, ladder crossing, zip lining! It was tons of fun. The traditional food was delicious. The trip was a wonderful and exciting experience where we made new friends are got closer to our old friends, and created long lasting memories.

Manavi Nag is a the co-head and of the Ascent. She is in the 9th Grade and strives to use her voice for change. She likes spreading awareness and opinions through her articles to her community and the world. She enjoys writing articles, dancing and travelling. Manavi is extremely passionate about the Ascent and wants to use her voice for change in the world, as a teenage journalist living in the 21st century.