The first ever MYP concert. With 3 middle year classes this year for the first time MYP had their own separate concert. Preparations have started long ago and there are going to be songs played which students have learnt, plays/skits that students have prepared, and dances! It is going to be filled with celebration and colour. Aadya and Anya from grade 7 and 6 are hosting the concert and our music teacher Mr. Andrew is in teaching the students the songs, he is one of the main people in charge and we thank him for all his hard work to get the concert ready! Students and teachers have worked hard to get this concert up and we can’t wait for it to happen on the 31st of may, the second last day of school for MYP students.

Ishnaa Goenka is an 8th grader, who’s biggest passion lies in filmmaking and other creative outlets like dance, fashion, and art. She has a keen eye for design and and she’s very passionate about global warming and feminism. She tends to be organized, enjoys learning new skills and pursuing a number of activities and hobbies. She loves traveling and meeting different people from various cultures and backgrounds.