By Manavi Nag, 

If you have been a part of the Middle School for the past six weeks, then you would be aware of the New India Party and the elections that took place. The New India Party was a political party created by the 8th Grade as part of their Individuals and Societies (IS) summative. What seemed like it came out of nowhere, was a full-fledged campaign race. As an 8th grader who was an avid participant in the NIP’s campaign race, I can definitely say that this political race, was one of the most knowledge enriching and teaching processes of all time.

The IS summative was meant to teach us all about politics and how to run a campaign. It was also mean to teach us about political systems, voting and voter apathy, existing political parties and how to create policies that will benefit India. The 8th grade split up themselves into various different sectors like education, environment, equality, economics, facilities, water shortages, transportation, military and health. From these, we compiled policies and wrote speeches and reports explaining some of the policies that we created. The policies of the NIP were different and similar from other parties’ policies in the ways that our views had some common aspects with other parties but mainly we have policies catered more to inequality and sustainability.

In the end, after much backlash in the forms of other children in Middle School and our own teachers creating parties to run against us and accusing us of corruption, amongst other, the NIP emerged victoriously. As someone, that contributed heavily to the campaign, I learned so much about how to make a political party and how to gain people’s support and attention. For the elections, we set up election booths and their constituencies.

 I learned that politics is truly a dirty but very teaching game and it taught me so much.

More than a unit and a summative, I think of it as a lesson and a learning course.

Manavi Nag is a the co-head and of the Ascent. She is in the 9th Grade and strives to use her voice for change. She likes spreading awareness and opinions through her articles to her community and the world. She enjoys writing articles, dancing and travelling. Manavi is extremely passionate about the Ascent and wants to use her voice for change in the world, as a teenage journalist living in the 21st century.