by Aahana Khemani

While studying online, there can be innumerable distractions. Starting with Youtube ending at Hangouts. For some, it can be super distracting while for others it really doesn’t matter! For the ones who feel like online learning can be distracting, here are some tips & tricks that can help you!

We all know how stressful exams can be! First off, they come in a bundle. SO MANY summatives all due together! These summatives can be traumatic and quite demanding, you start thinking it is better to push it off and work on it “tomorrow.” Spoiler, you’re procrastinating. Don’t worry though, we all do that too. Although, try these!

  • Switch off any unnecessary tabs. If your fingers itch to reopen the tabs download an app that stops you from opening the software. You could also just log out of your account. 
  • Play some study music so that you can focus extraordinarily well. 
  • Physical planners! They can be so soothing to your frantic mind. Just JOT DOWN all of your assignments and it can be super relaxing. You could even take it a step further by making a decorative bullet journal
  • After every 30-45 minutes take a break and run around your house. You need some kind of excitement or energy!
  • Try to be a bit more formal by sitting at a desk as that has been proven to boost your work ethic. This way, you won’t be too behind your work. 
  • Timers! They can be super helpful when it falls into a procrastinators hands’. Set a timer, ensure that you finish your task in that time. This tip includes a lot of self-dedication. 
  • Sit next to a window. It’s always good to look up from your screen and look out. It will help you relax and therefore you won’t stress as much. 

There are many more tips and tricks which you can always further learn about. These are the most effective according to me. I hope this helped you!