by Ishita Ambekar

 So we thought it couldn’t get any worse! The world is collapsing and it isn’t slow anymore. Brazil has taken a new initiative to save our planet! In Paris, the countries apart of the United Nations have all set goals to save the earth. The goal that brazil set is to plant 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon by 2023.  The economy is becoming worse and the people are increasing by the second. More people means more resources needed and yet they are going by the second. This is a multimillion project which definitely will take some time, a six-year project, led by Conservation International. Brazil moves closer to its Paris target getting closer too planting 12 million hectares and helping our world. Personally, I think Brazil has taken a big initiative and slowly we could re-build this world and make it better.

What are we actually going to do about it? Is it going to change anything? What are some changes we are waiting for? The fate of amazon depends on how the project turns out……and we owe it because it has been apart of our lives for as many years as we can count. Its where tribes live and where we get our source of many things. We need more than ——–trees and more that 38 species found in 2014-2015 alone, how many more are there to come?  But its land has been threatened by multiple things, we and that’s what I mean by multiple things. We could get multiple things from this. Oxygen, help for our existing species and for indigenous species. Destroying trees may help our economy and give us more resources but is it really worth it? Trees will reduce the number of storms and that is another way of death which is coming our way. If we are never going to stop something else will. According to ——-20% of the forest is already covered by fake and man-made plants. 

Some results that we are anticipating is better oxygen, and growth for animals. We are trying to keep animals alive and we are losing them by the second. Animals need trees and oxygen too. They have tried to protect their land but we have taken that too from them. We have taken everything from them, but they have taken nothing from us. They have not even touched our lands we have invaded theirs. We are trying to give animals a better life. Like they have tried ours.