By Ishaan & Aryana

On the 24th of March, 2022 Ascend international’s highly anticipated event of the year took place: the Spring “Mask-erade” dance hosted by the Interact Rotary club.

Teacher leader of the club Ms. Leslie Bartley along with student-president Xai Sarkari and Vice President Tarana Ramachandra worked with the team of service club members to put together this event, charging ₹350 or ₹400 per entry to raise money to fund more events  

On this special night, grades 6-11 rocked the dance floor to Hollywood and Bollywood favorites, with a fantastic DJ who contributed greatly to the success of the dance. 

According to head of publicity/marketing, Lara Phul, she thinks the dance was great because it was a fundraiser, and something for students to look forward to and enjoy . It was also an opportunity that we didn’t often get presented with especially after COVID. Ms Leslie, the teacher in charge, said “I absolutely loved the dance. I was so thankful for our parent volunteers that ensured all of our food was served, and especially Mr. Zubin for DJ’ing the entire thing and taking requests all along. What a hit!”

Another attendee of the dance, Gaia Daga, said “It was a great fundraiser and was good for the publicity of the interact group. It was fun and chill, and there should be more dances in the future. It was a good break from normal school and really brought the spirit of Ascend’s students”

The night went smoothly and everyone is looking forward to hopefully hosting another event like this one, special thanks to the Interact Rotary club at Ascend for hosting this fabulous evening!

Below are some behind the scenes pictures for setting up the dance which was clicked by Aryana. 

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