By Aahana Khemani

In Mumbai, there are thousands of stray dogs. What happens to these poor and virtuous dogs? Many are unfortunate and just live their precious lives’ on the roads while others die due to car accidents etc… Although, there are also plenty of organizations that help them find a soul-guardian and some just take care of them for very long. One of these organizations is named ‘World For All.’ They take care of not only stray dogs but stray cats too! Ms. Leslie and a few MYP students volunteered to help WFA this semester, and began their service in February. WFA’s goal is to reduce animal overpopulation, rehabilitate animals, and change the Indian perception of stray animals. Let’s take a look at how they work, what is the feel of WFA’s campus and, how you can help!

The campus is super welcoming and playful, describe our fellow MYP service ninja students. They have around a hundred dogs. It is also just super exciting and attractive. It makes you want to come again. Seeing the innocent little puppy eyes, the cute little smiles, tails wagging… It’s splendid and a lot of fun, say many of the students who helped out. “My favorite part of the World For All centre,” remarks Ms. Leslie, “is that it’s situated on a huge movie studio campus in Jogeshwari! It’s like you’re in a rural village in Mumbai, but they’re really just hollowed out sets! One day we got to watch a movie being filmed and they even scolded us for being too loud and excited!”

How does World For All help? Well, the organization has ambulances that help them retrieve all the cats and dogs that are injured or not in a stable condition. They help the injured animals by teaming them with vets. They also help the future stray dogs and cats (in case there will be any) by recruiting and educating students from schools.World For All works to teach the students how to co-exist, so that the coming human generation treats stray animals respectfully and well, not just their over-bred counterparts, such as the unfortunate huskies seen in Mumbai. Finally, they help the stray animals find their perfect parent by having a long-form the might-be-guardian has to fill out. If WFA thinks that the guardian will take good care of the dog/cat, then the dog/cat is theirs!

These innocent and hopelessly hopeful animals need you! Let’s talk about how you can help them. You can start by following them on Instagram. Next, you can always volunteer to help them accomplish their mission. Additionally, you have that good feeling of helping others, be it human or aliens. Another thing you could do is adopt them, or foster during this isolated time! I’m sure they’d really appreciate having a nice companion and you could get entertained too! Tarana from Grade 6 adopted a dog. She said “When we decided to get Choco, we needed to plan this whole thing. My mom and dad went to pick him up halfway from the shelter. When he came, he was a small puppy, and you could feel his ribs when you touched him. We fed him and soon he was playing around, and being a naughty frisky puppy. I think it’s good to get a dog during the quarantine. Vets and pet shops are essential services, and it will bring you more happiness than ever. We got Choco from WFA. World for All is doing all they can to help and feed dogs, and because of quarantine, the dogs are getting abandoned more than usual” Last but not least, you could donate! These stray animals need now, more than ever, to be fed while their normal feeders are staying inside. Check out their website in order to get the details. You can contact them via the website too! In case you’d like to donate via Pay TM, scan the QR code attached below! Please fill in the form if you have donated! It is just to keep track of how much money Ascend has raised. We would really like you to fill it, but if you cannot or don’t feel comfortable it’s okay! 

After some superior interviewing and investigation, we have come to the conclusion that WFA is a very friendly organization. They hope for nothing but the best for all of their four-legged friends! It would be extremely considerate and generous if you could donate, volunteer, etc… For any further assistance please contact Ms. Leslie and fellow WFA volunteers from our school! Just wanted to let you guys know, we are super proud of you for helping these lovely cats & dogs! @MsLeslie @Tarana @Xai @Arvid @Aahana @Meera